Color Trends in Jewelry Designs: Ombré and Color-Blocking 

by Jamie S., Marketing Administration Group

The ABCs of Ombré

Ombré (from the French world "ombrer" meaning to shade) is a dip-dye technique used on fabric where the color is graduated from light to dark. The intoxicating gradient colors look stunning in billowy silk fabrics and classic, simple designs.

Before hand dyeing became popular, ombré was made by weaving wefts of yarn together with closely colored hues to create a gently shaded effect. Today it is synonymous with the dip-dye technique that produces vividly graduated colors that fade to white or black.

Translate this fascinating color trend into elegant spring and summer jewelry. When making ethereal ombré accessories, use small, fine beads that graduate one color from light to dark. Gemstone beads such as fire opal, tourmaline, sapphire and amber, in shaded colors can be used to create a gradual light-to-dark, pattern or vice versa. The gradient patterns are usually made with beads within the same color family, but not always. The idea is to have a smooth transition between colors with no distinguishable lines in the blend. Shaded seed beads, Swarovski crystal beads and glass beads can also be used to create this effect.

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Color-Blocking Basics

Color blocking is a modern twist on geometric or checkered patterns. It juxtaposes bright colors placed in striped blocks instead of intermingling in symmetrical patterns. There's something stylish, streamlined and flattering about simple color-blocked accessories that adds a graphic element to any look.

Transform simple, modern accessories into an architectural symphony by adding color-blocking to jewelry in layered primary blues, bright splashes of red and cheerful yellow colors that mimic geometric optical illusions.Flat rectangle or gemstone slab beads in a wide variety of vividly dyed and natural colors are a great way to create the color-block look.

Have fun mixing unexpected colors in combinations that work best for you by using a wide variety of seed beaded patterns or epoxy drops available in many brilliant colors. Colorful, geometric dichroic glass beads and pendants are also good color-blocking components.

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