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What gems are hot on the runways and in stores this season? Icy quartz and fiery amber, nautical elements like white coral and sea ''opal'' glass, ''animal print'' jasper and lavish lapis lazuli. This season's designers are creatively combining fine synthetics with rough, natural elements. Refreshing white quartz, warm spicy stones and ocean themes accentuate the design palette.

Pure white accessories top the charts for the spring and summer season. From stark white to eggshell, smooth to faceted, and catwalks to cab rides... it's all about a modern take on white.

Quartz comes in an array of white shades and is considered to be the most abundant in the world. It is commonly believed that Quartz can increase psychic power and positive thinking.

Be chic with snow quartz and faceted amethyst rondelles, or ultra sophisticated with ice flake quartz and vermeil. Dress first-class with snow quartz and turquoise or clear quartz with white mother-of-pearl.

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Design Ideas using Quartz.

Leap into leopardskin jasper when spring brings out the ''animal print'' in all of us.

Jasper comes in a wide range of types and colors and can be found all over the world. Legends claim jasper drives away evil spirits and protects its wearer against predators, giving them strength and courage.

Let the world hear you roar with leopardskin jasper rondelles paired with golden tones of Swarovski crystal beads. Link zebra jasper with black onyx and cultured freshwater pearls in long single strands, or dangle dalmatian jasper from silver chain. Choose ocean jasper and black lip shell for a more conservative look, or dare to bare your animal print and walk on the wild side this spring.

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Design Ideas using Jasper.

Influenced by the Amazon rain forest, this season's gemstone beads are dense, deep and vegetal. Perfect for turning up the spring and summer trends, amber beads exude organic allure and ethnic spice.

Amber was once called ''electron'' taken from the word electricity. It was discovered in 600 B.C. that amber could become electrically charged when rubbed vigorously. Those lucky enough to experience the charge used the amber to draw energy for power and decisiveness.

With amber around your wrist and adorning your neckline, you're bound to make some energetic and stylish decisions. Spice up your spring by stringing amber teardrops with gemstones like sunstone, yellow jade or tigereye. Experiment with contrasting Swarovski crystal bead colors that complement amber-colored mother-of-pearl beads and gemstones for a warm, glowing combination.

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The name Lapis Lazuli comes from a compound of two Latin words: ''lapis,'' meaning stone and ''lazuli,'' meaning blue. It's a gemstone straight out of The Arabian Nights fairytales with its deep blue color, flecked with pyrite to resemble shiny stars. Many people believe Lapis brings harmony to relationships, and some cultures revere it as a holy stone with magical powers.

With blue and gold hotter than ever, lapis lazuli is right in style. String lapis as a long necklace with gold beads or pyrite to emphasize its speckled color, or combine 8mm lapis heishi beads and 10mm lapis rounds with large hammered Hill Tribes Silver focal beads for a sensational eye catcher!

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Capture the colors dancing off the ocean waves this summer in your Jewelry Artâ„¢ by incorporating white coral and Sea 'Opal' Glass.

Also known as opalite, Sea 'Opal' glass beads are a milky white glass with ''opal-like'' flashes of purple, blue, orange and yellow. Mix opalite with soft, cultured freshwater pearls, white coral and pale shell beads. Add sea foam 'quartz' to cool and compliment your accessories like an off-shore breeze with its aqueous green tone.

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Design Ideas using White Coral.

Design Ideas using Sea 'Opal' Glass.

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