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Have always received my shipments on time and been satisfied with the quality of the merchandise.
- Candace
I Love Fire Mountain Gems. I keep the catalog with me all the time and whenever I need a new part for product, The first thing I do is pull out the book.
- Deborah
I have been dealing with Fire Mountain for years. They have the best products, large selection and best prices when you buy in bulk. Never a problem with an order. And that is saying a lot!!
- Patricia
I would just like to let you know how much I enjoy your articles they are very informative and help me a great deal.
- Sandy C
I order from you a lot--products are always as described--SO dependable and always fast and accurate--you're the best!
- Jenifer
I just wanted to say thank you for the quickness of shipping. I placed my order on Wed. Feb. 19 and it's already here on Sat. Feb. 22!!! I was not expecting to start looking for it until Mon. Feb. 28. Everything looks great too, very good transaction!!! Thank you,
- Cindy
"I received my catalog today, thank you. I was browsing the pages and discovered the models used are your actual employees. I think that is wonderful! I look forward to going through the catalog in more detail and making my selections."
- Terri
Love the company and they are my first choice when purchasing beading supplies.
- Olive
I was looking online for seed beads for a lace shawl I am getting ready to knit, and I found your company's website. Your collection of beads was impressive, but even more impressive was the speed in which my order was filled and delivered. I placed my order on Thursday evening and to my amazement it arrived on Saturday morning. I was expecting it to take at least 7 working days (which meant it would take around 9 days to come), so to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Not only was the packaging well done, but the beads came with your catalog and--how did you know I really needed one?--a lovely mouse pad! Thank you so much for a quality product and outstanding customer service.
- Carol
You are GREAT ... I tell everyone about your wonderful service!
- Mary G
A wonderful selection of beads and other products for jewelry-making.
- Clara
Great--have ordered for the past 10 years--in 1989 we visited you! You have grown and offer a complete line. Price is in line.
My first time making jewelry and I'm very excited! I chose items I would love to see on a necklace and know my choices will make a few lovely ones! Prices are very reasonable and the more you buy the better the discount. I love this site!
- Carol A.
You folks are amazing!!! I ordered some components on Saturday, February 21st and I just received an email saying my order is in Washington and due to arrive on Monday, February 24th. KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Thanks. :)
- Sue
I love Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, the pictures show the exact thing that you need. Been with them for over 10 years and still love their products and their customer service. Thank you so much, Fire Mountain Team.
- Lin T.
I appreciate your newsletters and find the designs, hints and instructions very helpful. Thank you.
- Sandra S
Order History is an excellent feature. It allows me to search for a specific order or a specific item. I especially like that I can download and save the data in an Excel spreadsheet.
- Dottie
I have ordered from Fire Mountain more than three times per year for the last two years and am highly satisfied with their products, delivery and variety of craft supplies. Thanks for your customer service and keep up the good work.
- Janet Q
It is such a pleasure shopping on the site. The products are top quality and the selection is endless. It's like Christmas when each order arrives and the personal touch when packing the box assures me of the care that went into my order. Thanks so much!
- Cartherine
I received my order today and I was very impressed with the quality, quantity and price. Sorry I won't be ordering again soon. I have enough material for hundreds of gifts. I hope they make my friends and family members happy.

Today I made a bracelet and earrings for a beloved step daughter for her birthday. I cannot tell you how proud I was at my little accomplishment. I have been a crafter since I was 8 years old. That's 57 years of gifts that I still see in the homes of friends and family. I wish I had pictures of them all. Sadly, some have passed away, but some of them gave me hand-crafted items, as well. I treasure them for the time and love they represent. Thank you for making jewelry making affordable in these lean, declining years of my life.
- Claire
2940 Resource(s) Found
1 of 147

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