Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Ezartesa Design Idea B62E Necklace
Design Idea B62E Necklace
Chris instantly named this incredible piece the Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner--it had the "wow" factor! Noting that "the back is every bit as important" as the front, Chris was impressed with the exquisite detail of the design on both sides.

Living near the ocean, the underwater world was the inspiration for Ezartesa to create this necklace. Reflections of light in water are represented beautifully by the array of seed beads and labradorite cabochons. Ezartesa's technique and creative use of product resulted in an absolute gold prize creation.

Grand Prize Gold Runner-Up: Jessica Dowell
Design Idea B623 Flower Bouquet

Inspired by the old-fashioned roses at her wedding, Jessica challenged herself to recreate a bouquet using the French-beaded flower technique in this high-quality, wire-wrapped design. She recreated a Victorian-style tussy mussy as the bouquet holder--the exquisite bead work resembles an actual brass holder.

Grand Prize Silver Medal Winner: Dessislava Vaughan Design Idea B62G Necklace

This detailed necklace creation is literally a design of a tree, down to the trunk and roots. Dessislava's ingenious "Tree of Life" necklace was created with fabulous attention to detail and an excellent use of color.
Grand Prize Silver Runner-Up: Millicent Dessau
Design Idea B62J Vase Decoration

This home décor piece is a fantastic representation of seed-beading inspired by flowering vines on fences. Millicent took an ordinary glass vase and turned it in to a work of art.

Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner: Patricia Kraemer Design Idea B63R Necklace

A great use of metallic cube seed beads resulted in a one-of-a-kind necklace creation. Designed with the thought that it would belong to Cleopatra, Patricia created a modern twist on seed beads that resembles a metal scarf. The more we looked at this piece, the more treasures we found in it.

Grand Prize Bronze Runner-Up: Pamela Aronoff
Design Idea B646 Necklace

The creation of Pamela's unique reversible necklace was inspired by an Elizabethan ruff--the dangling crystals create a lacey quality. An exceptional use of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire makes this design both fun and extraordinary.

Design Idea B64K Beaded Skull

This compelling home décor piece grabbed the attention of Fire Mountain employees. As Sylvia's personal tribute to her father, the embellished faux skull contains one of her father's prosthetic eyes--he has had many updated versions from the time he was a child. The one-of-a-kind piece is a colorful statement of life expressed through art.
Design Idea B63F Necklace

Though he often looks for colorful designs, Stuart was drawn to the variety of techniques and textures in this extremely detailed wedding necklace. Diana refers to her creation as an "amazing garden of crystal," and we agree.

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Gold Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Ezartesa Necklace
Gold Runner-Up Jessica Dowell Flower Bouquet
Bracelet Ingrid Bernhardt Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Susan Caccamo Clothing
Home Decor and Doll Darrae Nierenberg Hanging Decoration
Jewelry Designs Sets Elizabeth Little Necklace and Earrings Set
Necklace Ezartesa Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Jessica Dowell Flower Bouquet

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Dessislava Vaughan Necklace
Silver Runner-Up Millicent Dessau Vase Decoration
Bracelet Julie Smith Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Teresa ''Teri'' Ford Stethoscope
Home Decor and Doll Millicent Dessau Vase Decoration
Jewelry Designs Sets Pamela Olson Necklace and Bracelet Set
Necklace Dessislava Vaughan Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Diana Balen Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Patricia Kraemer Necklace
Bronze Runner-Up Pamela Aronoff Necklace
Bracelet Deborah Weaver Bracelet
Fashion Accessories (Tie) Debbie Rades Purse
Fashion Accessories (Tie) Jodi Horgan Purse
Home Decor and Doll Karen McCormick Sculpture
Jewelry Designs Sets Deborah Glasser Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace (Tie) Patricia Kraemer Necklace
Necklace (Tie) Pamela Aronoff Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Nancy Rocknich Bouquet

Grand Prize Employee
  Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Employee's Choice Winner Sylvia Madajewski Sculpture

  Name View Winning Design
President's Award
Diana Balen Necklace

Angi Sieg Ezartesa Mady Lindberg
Ann Murrell Francesca Bradley Krafty Max Originals
Annelise Davis Frieda Bates Mary Harrison
Barbara Archuleta Gui-Ja Yang Millicent Dessau
Barbara Klein Hana Harman Nancy Hall
Betty Stephan Hatsumi Oshitani Noelle Zambetti
Boryana Kolf Heather Masters Olga Haserodt
Brenda Tracy Jane Reichhold Patty Kuzbida
Casey Storm Northern Jeanne Cahill Peggy Rose
Catherine King Jennifer Doyle Ramune Areskeviciene
Cathy Harrell Kaaren Poole Rebecca Bechel
Cheryl Gedert Karen Kardan Samantha Kilgore
Christena Weber Karen McCormick Sandra Allen
Chrystal Eckes Kathleen Lynam Sonia Lacson
Cindy Buck Kathleen Smith Sue Horine
Cristina Finn Kim Graham Susan Hacker
Cynthia Mayer Kristen Latimer Susan Jaisle
Cynthia Ross Kristine Bartoszek Tatyana Fedorikhina
Deborah Weaver Larissa Helm Teresa Ford
Debra MacMillan Laurie Leonard Ulyana Seryankina
Dessislava Vaughan Leslee VinZant Vickie Hu Poirier
Diane Enger Lillian Wilson Virginia Bracht
Elise Fryml Linda Whiting