2003 Beading Contest

Congratulations to all our winners of the 2003 Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest! With so many entries in all categories, judging was particularly difficult and there was lively discussion among all the judges. The beauty, creativity, and beading artwork submitted reinforces our opinion that Fire Mountain Gems customers are the most creative folks in the world! This year's winners are:

Design 0163 Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Design Idea 0160 Necklace Design Idea 015V Bracelet

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Diane Dennis Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Grand Prize Silver Sandra Lupton Necklace
Grand Prize Bronze Jennifer Smith Bracelet
Cabochon Use Jamie Cloud Eakin Necklace
Coral Karen Radtke Necklace
Gemstone Beads Alyson Goldberg Bracelet and Earring Set
Glass Beads Aisling Nelson Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
GS Chips and Tumbled Jackie Sullivan Necklace
Pearls Caito Amorose Necklace
Seed Beads Tatiana Van Iten Necklace
Unusual Non-Jewelry Mary Winters-Meyer Wearable Shawl
Wirework Lorinda Niemi Necklace
Wood Deborah Ward Bracelet

Silver Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Cabochon Use Rhonda Guy Necklace
Coral Elaine Kolodziej Necklace
Gemstone Beads (Tie) Kristi Stewart Necklace
Gemstone Beads (Tie) Dana Seil Necklace
Glass Beads Sharon Birzvilkis Necklace
GS Chips and Tumbled Pratibha Kanitkar Necklace
Metal Lynn Rosenhoover Schwartzman Necklace
Pearls Winnie Ho Necklace and Earring Set
Seed Beads Esther Hopkins Necklace
Shell Kimberly Glonis Bracelet
Turquoise Catherine Etter Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Unusual Non-Jewelry Janet L. DeGregoria Dress
Wirework Kathy Kirby Necklace
Wood Mary K. Downey Necklace
Bronze Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Cabochon Use Joanne Silvestrino Pendant
Coral Barbara Oakley Necklace
Gemstone Beads Sindhuma Ishaya of Bindhu Necklace
Glass Beads Kristen A. Addabbo Necklace
GS Chips and Tumbled Kathleen Slowik Necklace and Earrings
Metal Mel Jonassen Necklace
Pearls Elizabeth Larsen Necklace
Seed Beads Sara Gabriel Necklace
Shell Lindsay Lee Necklace
Turquoise Mary Jean Brost Travis Necklace
Unusual Non-Jewelry Siobhan Sullivan Purse
Wirework Patricia Reinertson Bracelet
Wood Brenda Rosengren Necklace


Christine A. Jefferis Pamela Pica Petra Woodworth
Christy DiVenere Dusdi Lorungrochana Staci Smith
Dawn Hesnault Sylvia Mccallum Heather A. Taylor
J.R. Hopper Ileana Munteanu Mary F. Tuttle
Jane Hovind Rhonda O'neill Rachel Weiss
Janine Eames Mara Marlow Jennifer Spell
Jeanne Ferraro Lisa Malson Staci Sturges
Jessie Elsbernd Teresa Meister Eileen Spitz
June Dendak Cynthia Lindberg Jill Sharp
Katherine DeVan Madeleine Corales Lisboa Debbie Smith
Leah Day Sheree Lee Dade Leola C. Simmonds
Lorna Dwyer-Carfano Emily Lataxes Rachel Rose
Nancy Bilonick Virginia Kobylarz Janet Rose
Rebecca Bell Hiroko Kishimoto Sherry Rogers
Sahar Husseini Grace Parrott Jennifer Willson
Sara Beauchemin Susan Kalafatich Heather Reaves
Sharon Crump Helena Ledmyr Lynore Routte
Tanya Adabacheva Barbara Jensen Linda Pilar-Cooke
Tanya Dixon Laura Lucius Charlotte Spani
Tina Burns Audrey Kunkel Joye' Rose