Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Melissa J. Lee Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Melissa J. Lee

Design Idea A38B Necklace

"I can't tell you how happy I am! I didn't expect this at all. Thank you! I've never been in this position, I'm just thrilled ... you really made my day, no, year!"

- Melissa
Design Idea A35U Necklace Design Idea A34Y Necklace

Design Idea A36A Necklace Design Idea A38N Necklace

Design Idea A36F Necklace

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Grand Prize Gold Medal
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Grand Prize Gold Medal Melissa J. Lee Necklace

Grand Prize Silver Medal
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Grand Prize Silver Medal Liz Reed Necklace

Grand Prize Bronze Medal
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Grand Prize Bronze Medal Michela Verani Necklace

Gold Medal
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Bracelet Irina Wilson Bracelet

Earrings Phyllis Schoenberger Earrings

Fashion Accessories Debbie Edmonds Ring

Home Décor and Doll Cindy Horman Wall Hanging

Necklace: Metal Clay (Tie) Melissa J. Lee Necklace

Necklace: Metal Clay (Tie) Michela Verani Necklace

Necklace Liz Reed Necklace

Wedding and Holiday Deborah Joyce Smith Necklace

Silver Medal
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Bracelet Joan Ayles Bracelet

Earrings Tiffany Melin Earrings

Fashion Accessories Anne Stokes Evening Bag

Home Décor and Doll Karen Fulke Tree Sculpture

Necklace: Metal Clay Salli Rathburn Necklace

Necklace Kelley Pounds Necklace

Wedding and Holiday Ana Maria Bufnila Headband

Bronze Medal
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Bracelet Rhonda Chase Bracelet

Earrings Judy Land Earrings

Fashion Accessories Betty Neve Footlace

Home Décor and Doll Dianne Sims Leaf Dish and Spoon Set

Necklace: Metal Clay Melissa Lew Bradford Necklace

Necklace Pamela Pica Necklace

Wedding and Holiday (Tie) Olena Bugrimenko Necklace

Wedding and Holiday (Tie) Laura Saint Martin Necklace

Honorable Mention
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Necklace: Metal Clay Yvette Lowry Necklace

Necklace Kristin Clarke Necklace

Alaia Leighland Faye Wilder Mary Buchholz
Albina Manning Gabrielle Taylor Mary McLarney
Amanda Mizuno Ginny Nagy Maurita Wolf
Amber Schoch Holly Smith Melissa Kay Steves
Angela Shilling Jamie Cloud Eakin Meuris Leive
Ann Pressly Jennifer Vance Michael Thornton
Anna Pifer Joan Ayles Michael Trucks
Annie Benz Judi Weers Michela Verani
Bethany Cooper Julia Fair Moira McEvoy
Bonnie Lundholm Kelly Lisko Patricia Hoffmann
Bonnie Scheels Kerri Easterly Patricia Johnson
Britta Solstad Kim Miraglia Phyllis Schoenberger
Caroline Omnes Selon Kristin Clarke Rachel Justina Fleming
Catherine King Kristyn Webb Rhonda Chase
Cheryl Knowles Krystina Tylko Ruth Bloink
Chris Gay Lam Bauman Sharon George
Christy Anderson Linda Valentino Michel Theresa Kowalski
Connie Lawrie Liz Reed Theresa Wichtowski
Craig Call Lorinda Niemi Tiffany Melin
Dianne Sims Lucia Locanas Troy Newman
Donna Blommel Margo Strong Vicki Davis
Elisabetta Cavagnino Maria Walker Yadira Altiery
Emilie Pritchard Marty Panzer