Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Faria Siddiqu Design idea BBDR Necklace

"Thank you, thank you! Wow, I'm really, really happy!"

What's outstanding about this piece, the judges agreed, is that Faria allows the gemstones to speak for themselves while her incredible skill shines through in the well-made details of this necklace. Chris was impressed by the spectacular use of carnelian with a touch of emerald between each bead--the color just couldn't be ignored. "It's gorgeous!" Chris exclaimed.

Faria was inspired by a love of color and the jewelry of the Mughal Empire. She wanted to incorporate delicate little emeralds with larger gemstones to create a bold piece with vibrant color contrast. The multi-strand necklace is brought together with seed bead and cabochon embroidered components.

Grand Prize Silver Medal Winner: Amanda Bielski-Wright
Design idea BBD6 Necklace and Earring Set
This detailed necklace and earring set honors the Year of the Dragon with the mystique of yen components, a fearsome dragon focal and makes great use of gemstone donuts and beads. Magnificent yet still wearable, My Chinese Zodiac wows with eye-catching attention to detail.

Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner: Rosiland Burch
Design idea BBDF Necklace
With gently draping clear and black crystals, Rosiland's Midnight Illusion is an elegant collar necklace that hugs the neck and holds great glamour and mystery with its deceptively simple design. Rosiland excels at combining gemstones and crystals to create this piece.

Bib-Style Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Ring and Clutch Purse Set

This year's President's Award Enigma is incredible in the amount of skill and time put into creating the clutch, bracelet, earring, ring and statement necklace set. The craftsmanship in the seed bead design is very tight and professional, which contributes to the dramatic appeal of this truly enigmatic set.

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Gold Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Faria Siddiqui Necklace
Bracelet Anne Parker Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Irina Shashlykova Clothing, Hairpiece and Bracelet
Home Décor Karen Fulke Tree Sculpture
Jewelry Design Sets Svetlana Chebotayeva Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring and Purse Set
Necklace Faria Siddiqui Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Duree Nagle Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Amanda Bielski-Wright Necklace and Earrings
Bracelet Gay Isber Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Becky Griffith Hair Piece
Home Décor Tania M Begg Sculpture
Jewelry Design Sets Amanda Bielski-Wright Necklace and Earrings
Necklace Betty Stephan Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Jillian Heersink Headpiece

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Rosiland Burch Necklace
Bracelet Deborah Weaver Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Shannon Butcher Purse
Home Décor Sue Chaussee Wall Art
Jewelry Design Sets Marianela Freites Necklace and Earrings
Necklace Rosiland Burch Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Catherine King and Cassey Weaver Necklace

Category Name View Winning Design
President's Award Svetlana Chebotayeva Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring and Purse Set

Ada Gurevich Frances Lediaev Nydia Diaz
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Deborah Weaver Lena Logvina Ulyana Seryankina
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