Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Lucila Nassau
Design Idea B40Q Necklace
"It is extraordinary; a very big surprise. I'm still in shock!"

"Every piece that I design tells a story; I would describe my style as romantic narrative."
- Lucila

Lucila's spectacular design was inspired by the idea of the Mayan doomsday prophecy for 2012 that falls exactly on December 21st--her birthday. She researched Mayan history and their system of writing (glyphs) and translated her birth date and life into their long count calendar, which is represented in the intricately detailed silver links. Lucila's museum-quality jewelry piece is completely handcrafted; the necklace is accented with metal clay granulation elements and features garnet cabochons and tsavorite briolettes set in handmade bezels.

Design Idea B40W Bracelet Design Idea B411 Necklace
Melissa's extra-long cuff bracelet offers exceptional symbolism and distinctive metal work--handcrafted down to each individual link. Created with metal clay, multiple strands of chain and intriguing components, Melissa's inspiration for the bracelet was to create a wearable, organic form of Renaissance-era cabinets of curiosities. Precise weaving techniques and unique artistic expression gained Liz the Bronze Medal. Inspired by Liz's fascination with dragon lore and the rich colors of Chinese festivals, this elegant piece is entirely hand-woven and constructed with bronze wire, metal beads, charms and a hidden clasp.

Design Idea B40Y Necklace

Michela won over Fire Mountain Gems employees with her original concept piece designed with metal clay, silver-lined seed beads and chain. Prompted by a challenge to create a fairy tale piece, Michela designed a castle with a dragon inside, hoarding its jewels in the cellar. When the castle pendant is lifted from its base and the necklace is worn, the colorful hidden jewels spill out.

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Grand Prize Gold Medal
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Grand Prize Gold Medal Lucila Nassau Necklace

Grand Prize Silver Medal
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Grand Prize Silver Medal Melissa J. Lee Bracelet

Grand Prize Bronze Medal
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Grand Prize Bronze Medal Liz Reed Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
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Employee's Choice Winner Michela Verani Necklace

Gold Medal
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Bracelet Melissa J. Lee Bracelet

Earrings Rachel Weiss Earrings

Fashion Accessories Delia Stone Brooch

Jewelry Design Sets Janice C. Hernandez Cordova Bracelet, Earrings and Ring

Necklace: Metal Clay Lucila Nassau Necklace

Necklace: Wirework, Metal Beads, Chains Liz Reed Necklace

Wedding Randi Mueck Tiara

Silver Medal
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Bracelet Rachel Justina Fleming Bracelet

Earrings Jennifer Gastelum Earrings

Fashion Accessories Diana Pucci Brooch

Jewelry Design Sets Elizabeth Cain Necklace and Earrings

Necklace: Metal Clay Gabrielle Taylor Necklace

Necklace: Wirework, Metal Beads, Chains Joan Ayles Necklace

Wedding Phyllis Schoenberger Bracelet

Bronze Medal
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Bracelet (Tie) Jennifer Gastelum Bracelet

Bracelet (Tie) Keiko Wada Bracelet

Earrings Ildiko Gyimesi Earrings

Fashion Accessories Joy Funnell Ring

Jewelry Design Sets Lilian Chen Necklace and Bracelet Set

Necklace: Metal Clay Laurra Fitzgerald and Elaine Teevens Necklace

Necklace: Wirework, Metal Beads, Chains (Tie) Albina Manning Necklace

Necklace: Wirework, Metal Beads, Chains (Tie) Stephanie J. Eddy Necklace

Wedding Amanda Mizuno Necklace

Wedding Jewelry Design Sets Carolyn Roche Bracelet and Ring Set

Alan Kolodny Joy Funnell Moira McEvoy
Catharine Temaluru Judi Weers Natalia Tcherkas
Catherine King Kathy St.Martin Nicole Martin
Debbie Edmonds Liz Reed Rene Aguilar
Dianne Sims Lyn Punkari Rosiland Burch
Elizabeth Watson Melissa Farratell Susan Reinemeyer
ErikaLyn Melissa Lew Bradford Tiffany Scott
Gabrielle Taylor Michela Verani Wanaree Tanner