Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Stephanie J. Eddy Design Idea E33J Necklace
Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: Stephanie J. Eddy Design Idea E33J Necklace

"I'm very honored. Just thrilled." - Stephanie J. Eddy

Awarded the Grand Prize Gold Medal, Stephanie J. Eddy's Sunset at Bogota celebrates the extravagant sunset festivities of this stunning city. Emulating a fantastic carnival, Stephanie's necklace is a fusion of imagination, creativity and extraordinary skill.

"I really like this." "Amazing." "This is rambunctious." - Chris Freedman

Grand Prize Silver Medal Winner: Stacy Farnsworth Design Idea E342 Necklace

An exquisite, enigmatic tribute, Stacy Farnsworth touched the judges with her necklace, A Knight to Remember. Inspired by a painting close to her heart, Stacy's expressive necklace earned the Grand Prize Silver Medal.

"I love this. It has lots of techniques in it." "Very cool." - Chris Freedman

Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner: Betty Neve Design Idea E339 Necklace

Taking wire-wrapping with seed beads to a new level, Betty Neve endowed her Grand Prize Bronze Medal winning necklace, Rainbow Connection, with the heart of an unforgettable rainbow.

"That's intricate." "I think this is glorious." "Seed beads. Wire wrap. I like this." - Chris Freedman

Grand Prize Employee's Choice Winner: Asia Azran Design Idea E34D Bracelet

Defined by industrial motifs within a graphic high-tech structure, Asia Azran's intricate bracelet, Brooklyn Bridge, won the oohs and ahhs of the judges, along with the Employee's Choice Award.

"This is very different." "Very unusual." - Chris Freedman

Grand Prize President's Award Winner: Lynne Hawkins Design Idea E33B Necklace

For the President's Award, Stuart couldn't resist the Hippie Gecko necklace, a fiesta of wire-working virtuosity.

"Stuart, you really love that. You can't stay away from it, can you?" - Chris Freedman

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Gold Medal
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Grand Prize Gold Stephanie J. Eddy Necklace
Bracelet Tiffany C. Scott Bracelet
Jewelry Design Set Amanda Bielski-Wright Necklace and Earring Set

Silver Medal
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Grand Prize Silver Stacy Farnsworth Necklace
Bracelet Gay Isber Bracelet
Jewelry Design Sets Michela Verani Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Necklace Vendula Tvrdonova Necklace

Bronze Medal
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Grand Prize Bronze Betty Neve Necklace
Bracelet Robert Moehle Bracelet
Jewelry Design Sets (Tie) Randi Mueck Crystal Passions® Wedding Tiara
Jewelry Design Sets (Tie) Karen Suarez Necklace and Brooch Set

Grand Prize Employee
Category Name View Winning Design
Bracelet Asia Azran Bracelet

Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Lynne Hawkins Necklace

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