2016 Metals Contest Winners and Finalists

Design Idea G21Y Necklace and Earring Set
''... oh. Oh! OH! Wow! Thank you! You just blew me away!''

Elizabeth Pattison's What You See features shards of mirrored glass framed in silver metal clay. This modern and innovative jewelry set uses light and reflection to add impact, catching the attention of the judging panel and of Chris herself.

Chris returned to this design again and again, saying, ''I've never seen such variety. Even the edges are gorgeous!''

Design Idea G22U Necklace
The artistry of Michela Verani's Phoenix Rising is in its wealth of exquisite detail in silver metal clay: individually modeled feathers on each outstretched wing, the curving flow of the long tail and gleaming, iridescent pearls. The necklace closes with a custom made clasp of even more detailed feathers.

Chris ran a finger down the back of the phoenix, saying, ''Everybody loves a phoenix. A fire bird shouldn't be this cool.''

Design Idea G21R Necklace and Earring Set
Amanda Bielski-Wright's Ancient Mexico is inspired by Mesoamerican images. Using Pebeo paints to recreate the look of colorful enameling and accented with turquoise and magnesite. The biggest surprise is how lightweight the entire set is, even though it draws inspiration from art carved in stone.

Chris kept returning to this brightly colored piece, saying, ''This is totally eye-catching.''

Design Idea G22G Necklace
''Clever'' summed up the winner of the Employee's Choice: Ceri Matthew's Chasing the Sun. A winner from our Conceptual Jewelry category, this dragon-shaped design features a chainmaille body embellished with beads and wire scales, reaching around the neck of the wearer to grasp a wirework sun. We just couldn't stay away.

Design Idea G220 Necklace
Keiko Wada's Flowers of the Mobius intricate wirework necklace was our President's Award winner, another from our Conceptual Jewelry category. The intertwining shapes use wire in a variety of shapes and weights, accentuated with beads, glass pearls, metal components and sparkling rhinestones. Our judges returned to this piece over and over again, trying to follow all the twists and turns in this design.

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Elizabeth Pattison Necklace and Earring Set
Bracelet Christine Woollacott Bracelet
Conceptual Jewelry Brandy Bruder Necklace
Fashion Accessories Lyn Punkari Ring
Jewelry Design Set Elizabeth Pattison Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Natasha Downs Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Michela Verani Necklace
Bracelet Karen Anderson Bracelet
Conceptual Jewelry Keiko Wada Necklace
Fashion Accessories Betty Neve Purse
Jewelry Design Set Debbie Benninger Necklace, Bracelet, Ring and Earring Set
Necklace Michela Verani Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Amanda Bielski-Wright Necklace and Earring Set
Bracelet Zegna Aston Bracelet
Conceptual Jewelry Monica Retana Necklace
Fashion Accessories (Tie) Anoof Bracelet, Earring and Ring Set
Fashion Accessories (Tie) Karen Suarez Brooch
Jewelry Design Set Amanda Bielski-Wright Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Karen Anderson Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
Category Name View Winning Design
Conceptual Jewelry Ceri Matthews Necklace

Category Name View Winning Design
Conceptual Jewelry Keiko Wada Necklace

Honorable Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace (Tie) Karen Suarez Necklace
Necklace (Tie) Sandy Mikel Necklace

Amanda Mizuno Gay Isber Mary Simons
AnnMarie Fireman Guisselle Mora Melissa Marie Woods
Catharine Temaluru Iha Vahlberg Orre Michela Verani
Cathy Harrell Jennifer Surprise Rachel Weiss
Ceri Matthews Karen Lemler Rhonda Chase
Christina Glasell Karen Suarez Rosa Elena Rivera
Chrysi Meramveliotaki Konomi Ota Tammy Jo Jones
Cyndi Salata Linda Kaye-Moses Vicky Newby
Debbie Benninger Lynda Pearce Zegna Aston