2016 Crystals Contest Winners and Finalists

Design Idea GB1E Necklace and Bracelet Set

"What a wonderful news!! I'm so really happy for this!!!! Thank youuuuu!!!!"

"My inspiration... Generally I'm inspired by Egyptian, Victorian and Indian style but of course also by Nature in all its forms and colors. For the Sea Waves set I was inspired by the Sea, its waves and all its infinite shades of color, from white to blue. The idea was 'to wear a bit of sea with its waves and its pearls'."

Simona Svezia's impressive necklace and bracelet set is titled Sea Waves . The judges gave her top marks for her magnificent technique, use of crystal bicones and pearls and especially her attention to detail.

Chris thought Sea Waves was a great wearable piece: "Unique and unbelievable. The workmanship was incredible; it was finished beautifully."

Design Idea GB1G Necklace

From the necklace category, The Punk in Steampunk, by artist Iulia Oprea wowed the judges. Chris and the judges were won over by her concept of combining the individuality of punk--skulls, crosses, black patinas, old watches and metal chains-- with the world class components of Austrian crystal into a practical, versatile design with interchangeable sections.

Chris found The Punk in Steampunk enchanting: "This has lots of life, it tells stories. When I look at it, it tells me what it is."

Design Idea GB0X Necklace

Chia-Ling Wang's necklace Life of Tree brought to the contest a different and unusual design with tree branches set upon by a variety of whimsical jewelry-fashioned creatures.

Chris thought Life of Tree was totally charming: "I just got a big kick out of seeing the owl and butterflies perched on the branches. Great workmanship."

Design Idea GB1A Necklace

Ocean Treasures necklace by Svetlana Kossman took the judges on an exotic adventure. Svetlana is the tour guide: "A trip to Bora Bora was an inspiration for this piece. It was one of the most memorable times filled with exciting activities. Diving into the ocean, swimming with sharks and stingrays, exploring the ocean while walking on the bottom with a huge helmet on - opened a door to a mysterious marine life. I also discovered Tahitian pearl market where we could find a plethora of incredible black pearls."

Chris enjoyed the trip, "What can I say? I just love the seahorse. Excellent execution."

Design Idea GB13 Necklace

Clearly necklaces ruled this years' contest; The President's Award was given to The Fiery Flavor by Sonia Lidozzi. "It was a long time since I wanted to create a fiery necklace. So the choice was to realize tongues of flames that seemed true, and that do not burden the necklace. This gave rise to a thousand sketches, testing and breakups. It was not easy to achieve but when I look at it causes me a strong emotion."

"Lots of wonderful arrangement and characterization, especially from the sea nymph." - Chris Freedman

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Simona Svezia Necklace and Bracelet Set
Fashion Accessories Asuka Saito Hair Clip
Jewelry Design Set Simona Svezia Necklace and Bracelet Set
Necklace Tatiana Allieva Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Sharon Demaris Necklace and Earring Set

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Iulia Oprea Necklace
Fashion Accessories Rob Bacon Headdress
Jewelry Design Set Francesca Lobbe Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Iulia Oprea Necklace
Wedding and Holiday Sabrina Milardi Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Chia-ling Wang Necklace
Fashion Accessories Martha Cafarelli High Heel Shoes
Jewelry Design Set Maiko Kage Felton Bracelet and Earring Set
Necklace Chia-ling Wang Necklace
Bracelet Florewela Dela Cruz Cornelis Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Grand Prize Employee
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Svetlana Kossman Necklace

Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Sonia Lidozzi Necklace

Alessia Principe JoAnn Pignatelli Mary Lou Allen
Amanda Mond Josette Gill Sonia Lidozzi
Cassandra Wood KaoriNa Sugar Gay Isber
Ceri Matthews Kathy Timberlake Susan Sassoon
Constance O'Neil Maria Grazia Vincenti Svetlana Kossman
Diana Rose Chua