2017 Creative Clays Winners and Finalists

Design Idea H41W Home Décor Nightlight

"Wow! That is so great, I am so excited," exclaimed Kaaren when told she took the Gold Grand Prize placement. "Did you play with it?" she asked. "Of course we did," was the reply. "Good, I purposely didn't glue it down because it was so fun to move it around." Her excitement was quite clear, especially when there was an audible squeak of delight shared with her sister as she hung up the phone.

It may not be jewelry, but Kaaren Poole's home décor polymer clay piece The Secret Life of Hens captivated the judges. There was something new to see at every angle. "They're really playing and the fox is losing!" The whimsical design was inspired by Kaaren's own three chickens Stella, Twisty and Maisey who "are a constant source of amusement and inspiration."

"I think it's fun" "Isn't that amazing?" "Such cute lil' details" - Chris

Design Idea H41G Necklace

This modern jewelry set by Nicoleta Cornea intrigued the judges on multiple levels. Not only is the set totally wearable due to its size and weight, but the polymer clay piece was assembled with precision. The modern aesthetic and clean lines of this ombré necklace were created using a diverse amount of techniques and is even completely reversible.

"Professional construction" "Unusual" "I like her aesthetic" - Chris

Design Idea H41S Necklace

Using translucent clay, Diane Louise caught the judges' eyes. With a love for both flowers and translucent polymer clay, Diane set out to combine these two elements "and create a unique necklace with flowers using a new color technique." The unusual design has a seemingly delicate quality that elicited "oohs" from all.

"Extravagant looking" "Now look at that" "That took some work" - Chris

Design Idea H41F Necklace

"I wanted to do something that was colorful, fun, and looked like a celebration," said Sylvia Regelbrugge of her Rings, Spring and Bling Things jewelry set. "I used colored wire of various gauges to make rings of different sizes that are fastened with little balls of polymer clay." We couldn't help but get tied up in the colorful coils and clay.

"This is totally cute" "So colorful!" - Chris

Design Idea H41K Necklace

Fleurs et Papillons by Barbara Briggs was inspired by the seasonal change "from the dreariness of winter to the blooms of spring." She certainly captured this explosion of color, earning her Stuart's favor. The multi-dimensional piece provides onlookers with textural intrigue as you scan through the blooms and butterflies.

"That's fun!" "Ooh, it's flexible" - Chris

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Kaaren Poole Nightlight
Grand Prize Silver Nicoleta Cornea Necklace
Grand Prize Bronze Diane Louise Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Home Décor Christy Sherman Wall Art
Jewelry Design Set Starsha Battrick Necklace and Two Pair Earring Set
Necklace Eriko Page Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Home Décor (Tie) Laura Burlis Wall Art
Home Décor (Tie) Marissa Neun Wall Art
Jewelry Design Set Becky Miller Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Laura Schiller Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Sylvia Regelbrugge Necklace and Earring Set

Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Barbara Briggs Necklace

Honorable Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Home Décor Cindy Buck Nightlight

Special Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Jewelry Design Set Susan Opie Necklace and Earring Set
Home Décor Marina Garbo Sculpture

Beth Wegener Laura Burlis Sonja Jensen
Chelley Schultz Laura Tillbery Sugar Gay Isber
Deepa Mittimani Nicoleta Cornea Suzanne Neve
Jennie Coym Rosiland Burch Valentina Giaconia
Karen Nelson Shania Sonneville