2017 Seed Bead Contest Winners and Finalists

Design Idea H74F Necklace

Design Idea H74F Necklace

"Oh my goodness! I can’t even believe this! What an exciting phone call this is!" - Bettye Monzo

Bettye Monzo's Double Deco double-sided necklace design is an amazing piece of art, both front and back. High quality stitching and precision use of thread tension make this sophisticated creation really shine, no matter which side you're wearing.

"This is so clever. I like this a lot!" - Chris

Design Idea H73R Necklace

Japanese artist Keiko Wada's work is detailed, textured, three-dimensional--and beautiful. Flowers, both large and small, bloom in seed bead stitches across this gorgeous necklace titled Fantasy Garden that's both jewelry and art.

"What a variety of textures; very pretty." - Chris

Design Idea H73Y Necklace

Ezartesa's silvery grey seed bead work Universe echoes the colors and textures of its druzy centerpiece. The mix of smoothly beaded and three-dimensional work with the faintly sparkling druzy surface is a contrast that drew the eye of not only our trio of jewelry designers, but Chris herself.

"That's so elegant." - Chris

Design Idea H73L Necklace

We liked Shot Through the Heart from the beadwork alone. When we discovered the decorative elements were constructed from upcycled firearm ammunition casings and components, we were floored. They aren't obvious and they're not over the top, just integral parts of the design. We loved it.

"Holy cow." - Employees

Design Idea H73G Necklace

Nunzia's elaborate body harness Hybla unfurled the technical possibilities of beaded tatting. This clever and attractive design displays a phenomenal engineering skill in thread, bead and crystal. Stuart was impressed by its structure and embellishment.

"Far and away spectacular." - Chris

Design Idea H74H Necklace

With how the judging panel reached out to touch Ekaterina's necklace, we had to put a sign up: Don't stroke the feathers. This trendsetting design made our fashion folks stop in their tracks, buzzing about Milan street style and New York fashion week. The feathers in Storm Cloud are just as soft as they look.

Design Idea E76Q Home Décor

No one could tear their eyes away from Juanita's beaded head of Medusa. She's hypnotic to look on, with her beads for eyes, chainmaille headband and twisted bugle bead hair. Plus the snakes, of course, each one beaded over a bendable, positionable wire core.

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Bettye Monzo Necklace
Fashion Accessories Patrianne Boucha Handbag
Home Décor Juanita Finger Sculpture
Necklace Bettye Monzo Necklace
Necklace: Flowers Ryoko Dowling Necklace
Wedding Francesca Lobbe Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Keiko Wada Necklace
Fashion Accessories Maggie Przybylski Hair Accessory
Home Décor Joanie Whitehead Art Basket
Necklace Salli Rathburn Necklace
Necklace: Flowers Keiko Wada Necklace
Wedding Margit Vogel Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Ezartesa Necklace
Fashion Accessories Barbara Briggs Convertible Necklace
Home Décor Patricia L. Williams Ornament
Necklace Ezartesa Necklace
Necklace: Flowers Oksana Buckley Necklace
Wedding Anna Rita Fabiani Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
  Name View Winning Design
  Kristina Joseph Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
  Nunzia Ciavorella Necklace

Trendsetter Award
  Name View Winning Design
  Ekaterina Badunova Necklace

Honorable Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Home Décor Juanita Finger Sculpture

ADNJewelry Giada Zumpano Patricia Parker
Angela Russo Iha Vahlberg Orre Rebecca Gilbert
Anna Korobko Inge Sager Robin Butzke
Betty Neve Kellie Gonzalez Robin Crean
Bettye Monzo Kristina Joseph Sabrina Milardi
Carmen Beyer Maggie Przybylski Sheryl Stephens
Deborah Weaver Follipassioni Tamara Allison
Ekaterina Badunova Mika Chante Tine Donahue
Farideh Dormishian Miranda Groenendaal Ulyana Seryankina
Florewela Dela Cruz Cornelis Nunzia Ciavorella Wynter Joye Oliver-McKay
Francesca Lobbe