2018 Metals Contest Winner's and Finalists Announcement

Design Idea J32H Necklace

"Are you kidding?!" Stacy exclaimed upon hearing she had taken the grand gold placement in the 2018 Metals Jewelry-Making Contest. "Seriously? Yay me!" she excitedly giggled while making a few "wheee" sounds between speaking. We joined in with her merriment and let her know we loved her piece Owl Always Love You. "Yay! Okay yay!"

Owl bet you won't be able to take your eyes off this piece, just like our judges. When asked about inspiration behind the piece, Stacy said, "Winter is my favorite season. I love the whole 'every snowflake is unique' idea. Lastly I've been wanting to make a wire woven owl for a while now. So, this piece just fell together." Stacy Farnsworth's avian design soared to the Grand Gold prize on the wings of praise for the immaculate wire techniques and overall design.

"Unbelievably incredible!" "Is that cute or what?" "Gotta be number one." - Chris Freedman

Design Idea J31X Necklace

"Snorkeling is an inspirational experience and I wanted to capture it in this necklace. The undersea world is all the jumping off point that I needed," said Karen Suarez, designer of By the Sea. Our judges dove headfirst into their love for this necklace with its exceptional metal clay workmanship. You can truly picture yourself amongst the schools of fish while exploring the captivating sights of the ocean.

"Beautifully done workmanship on the fish. Each one done a little different." - Chris Freedman

Design Idea J32P Necklace

Louise Shadonix loves baby animals and had "a yearning to learn how to sculpt them while in bed with a flare up of pain and Fibromyalgia." The tenderness of this necklace titled Connected, with nuzzling metal clay giraffes, did not go unnoticed by the judges, who were also impressed with the quality of craftsmanship even extended to the back of the piece.

"This is sweet." "Beautiful workmanship." - Chris Freedman

Design Idea J328 Necklace

Jose Cardenas whisked the judges off their feet with Knight, a wire-wrapped gemstone cabochon and chainmaille necklace. With inspiration from European styles of jewelry-making as well artwork from Medieval times, ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as well as Native Americans, Jose combined all that inspires him into a necklace that elicited many an "amazing" from the mouths of judges.

"That's some intricate wirework!" "Over the top" - Chris Freedman

Design Idea J329 Necklace

With brilliant execution, designer Natasha Downs used architectural inspiration to construct The Snow Queen's Palace. "I've done a series of jewelry pieces using PMC to construct 'sanctuary' buildings in three dimensions so that the viewer can 'look into' the structure." We certainly couldn't help but look at the whole piece!

"Makes you smile." - Chris Freedman

Design Idea J321 Necklace

Desert Winds, created by Karen Lemler, was inspired by the beauty found in Phoenix, Arizona. "The copper wire frame represents the actual winds that have tossed copper around and weathered it nicely. Desert life and colors are represented with the charms and beads. The partially hidden square crystal stones represent heatwaves." The judges loved the movement of the piece and appreciated how wearable the design is, too.

"That's fun." - Chris Freedman

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Stacy Farnsworth Necklace
Bracelet Tiffany Conley Bracelet
Jewelry Design Set Debbie Benninger Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Stacy Farnsworth Necklace
Necklace - Metal Clay Judy Larson Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Karen Suarez Necklace
Bracelet Daryl Adams Bracelet
Jewelry Design Set Catharine Temaluru Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Minda Tackett Necklace
Necklace - Metal Clay Karen Suarez Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Louise Shadonix Necklace
Bracelet (Tie) Erika L. Fischerkeller Bracelet
Bracelet (Tie) Tiffany Conley Bracelet
Jewelry Design Set LeAlta Brummett Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace (Tie) Sonja Jensen Necklace
Necklace (Tie) Suzanne Neve Necklace
Necklace - Metal Clay Louise Shadonix Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Jose M. Cardenas Necklace

Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Natasha Downs Necklace

Trendsetter Award
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Karen Lemler Necklace

Honorable Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Barbara Briggs Necklace
Necklace Louise Shadonix Necklace

Special Mention
Category Name View Winning Design
Necklace Tamara Allison Necklace

Anne Stokes Claire Kern Louise Shadonix
Becky Miller Diane Zartman Sheila Schwede
Betty Neve Donna Bechar Tamara Allison
Catharine Temaluru Jeani Ambrose Victoria Moore-Ball
Cherrie Floyd