2018 Seed Bead Contest Winners and Finalists

Design Idea J73Y Wall Art and Necklace Set

Design Idea J73Y Wall Art and Necklace Set

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry, I kind of screamed that, didn't I? Thank you so much--I'm so honored! You just made my day." - Jody Young

Jody Young made a wall hanging that's also jewelry, in glorious, intricate detail. Silver Mermaid combines a range of shell beads and components--including gleaming nautilus shells--with precise seed bead work. The detachable necklace strands are held on with strong magnets so the designer can leave the art hanging while she wears one of them.

"This is amazing. The shells just gleam. You want to dive in. And the detachable necklaces are quite clever!" - Chris

Design Idea J73T Necklace

Patricia's lush necklace made a scene--in more ways than one! The detailed design features a summertime pond, complete with seed-beaded cattails, willow trees, flowers and dragonflies.

"Look at all these different seed bead stitches. And the clasp is very clever." - Chris

Design Idea J32L Necklace

Tamara Allison's coppery creation is designed, she says, for a bride. So, it features muted coppers, greys and creams to accent the floral cabochon focal. Tamara used off-loom bead-weaving, metalsmithing and stringing techniques together in this harmonious design.

"There are just so many techniques going on here. So many different mediums. Great to see." - Chris

Design Idea J73Q Necklace

This Italian artist lives near the sea--and this necklace shows it! Modeled after the branching shapes of Mediterranean coral, Rosa's lush tangle of red lets turquoise chips, pink coral chips and cultured pearls nestle among them. A lampwork glass fish and glass shell beads in a wire fishing net round out this necklace's bounty. Our employee judges unanimously wanted to take this one home.

"This is just gorgeous." - Chris

Design Idea J73S Purse

It looks like a priceless Ming vase, but this incredibly detailed seed bead creation is actually a bucket style pouch made of Miyuki Delica® beads. Loomed in sections then subtly stitched together, this piece of seed bead engineering is both functional and beautiful.

"You can't really see the seams. This is beautifully crafted." - Chris

Design Idea J73U Necklace

Named after the princess of the ballet Swan Lake, this utterly unique design caught every eye in the room. Tiny rocaille seed beads in white and grey make up a majority of the piece--accented with gold-colored beads--which is then embellished with downy white feathers.

"That's absolutely exquisite. I would wear that with a black dress. I would wear that for a whole week." - Chris

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Jody Young Wall Art and Necklace Set
Bracelet Barbara Briggs Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Daniela Neumann Purse
Home Décor Krafty Max Wall Art
Jewelry is Art Jody Young Wall Art and Necklace Set
Jewelry Design Set Cath Thomas Tiara and Earring Set
Necklace Lana Stone Necklace
Sculpture Cath Thomas Octopus Sculpture

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Silver Patricia Parker Necklace
Bracelet ADNJewelry Bracelet
Fashion Accessories Cath Thomas Purse
Home Décor Krafty Max Wall Art
Jewelry is Art Patricia Parker Necklace
Jewelry Design Set Ezartesa Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Jennifer Hintz Necklace
Sculpture Lisa Deutsch Sculpture

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Bronze Tamara Allison Necklace
Bracelet (Tie) Agnessa Cherednichenko Bracelet
Bracelet (Tie) Ezartesa Bracelet and Earring Set
Home Décor Patricia Hornby Wall Art
Jewelry is Art Sue Hicke Necklace
Jewelry Design Set Kathleen Devine Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Mariana Vasileva Necklace
Sculpture Lisa Deutsch Sculpture

Grand Prize Employee
  Name View Winning Design
  GLITZYstones and beads Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
  Daniela Neumann Purse

Trendsetter Award
  Name View Winning Design
  Sonia Lidozzi Necklace

Special Mention
  Name View Winning Design
  Marina Garbo Necklace
  Sheryl Stephens Necklace

Honorable Mention
  Name View Winning Design
  Antonina Pedersen Necklace
  Giannella Cau Necklace

Antonina Pedersen Keiko Wada Patricia Hornby
Betty Neve Laura Silverman GLITZYstones and beads
Abril and Sandoval Lela Marie Kurtz Sheryl Stephens
Carmen Beyer Marina Garbo Sonia Lidozzi
Deborah Glasser Natalie Laurijsen-Kopra Tamara Allison
Giannella Cau Oksana Gaevskaya Ulyana Seryankina
Jelena Kasevska