2019 Creative Clay Contest Winner's and Finalists Announcement

Design Idea K41X Necklace and Earring Set

"Thank you for sharing this happy news with me! I am truly honored to have received such a wonderful result. I would like to thank not only you, but everyone from the office for your help and support."

Every one of the judges who laid eyes on Atsumi's piece ''Kojiki'' Legend of Japan fell in love with it. The beautiful detail put into it, and the giant pearl earring that was made as well was just an added cherry on top. One of the most striking and amazing features was the beautiful but massive pearl earring, that had many of the judges stumped by the breath-taking sheen across the surface. Regardless of how it was made, Atsumi created a compelling and wonderous story in her work!

Chris was blown away by the design calling it "Incredible. It's like a painting you wear around your neck. I've always been drawn to this style of artwork, but this is exquisite."

Design Idea K41S Necklace

Elissa Hishikawa made everyone so happy when they saw her necklace entry Happy Croaker and it earned her much praise from the judges. It was a piece that made everyone laugh and smile, even though this piece was changed halfway through by Elissa because she wasn't having fun. It was a good idea to change!

When asked why she liked it, Chris said with a smile and a laugh, "It's playful. How can you not be happy when you look at it?"

Design Idea K42C Home Décor Bowl

Laura Burlis created this incredible piece of décor that everyone had to double- and triple-check to take it all in! It was deceptively complex, and every time the judges looked, they found another detail hidden inside. You can really see the natural beauty from which Laura drew her inspiration from one day out on a lake.

Chris said, "It's the kind of place where you want to go on vacation and have great memories of. There are dozens of things in it like daisies down by the stream. So much to see."

Design Idea K420 Necklace and Jewelry Stand

Nichole Joy White took the judges, and Chris specifically, on a journey with her incredibly detailed I Come to the Garden piece. Combining beautiful attention to details and just the sheer amount of work that went into the creation of this necklace and the stand itself that it sits on, Nichole told a compelling and beautiful story. It quickly became a favorite of employees and that is why it was awarded the Employee Choice.

Chris said, "It reminds me of when I had to sing this song for the first time in front of a crowd and how nervous I was! I froze up as soon as I started to sing (laugh)."

Design Idea K42A Home Décor Dragon

Drifting Dragon, sent in by Laura Burlis as well, was enjoyed by the judges for just how large and colorful it was. Laura put plenty of work into this piece, turning this giant piece of driftwood into a wonderful design.

Chris said of this with a smile, "It's over the top fun!"

Design Idea K41R Necklace and Cuff Bracelet

While some might say that winter has come, for Stephanie J. Eddy there is never enough protection for what may be lurking in the frozen nights. Her piece, entitled Winter is Coming: Heart of Thorns, shows that fashion doesn't have to be dainty and can instead be something a warrior might wear.

Chris was impressed by Stephanie's submission, saying, "I love this. It's trendy".

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Atsumi Necklace and Earring Set
Grand Prize Silver Elissa Hishikawa Necklace
Grand Prize Bronze Laura Burlis Home Décor Bowl
Fashion Accessories Beth Wegener Bracelet
Home Décor Laura Burlis Home Décor Bowl
Jewelry Design Set Atsumi Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Elissa Hishikawa Necklace

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Fashion Accessories Amanda Senger Earrings
Home Décor Becky Miller Home Décor Lamp
Jewelry Design Set Susan Opie Necklace
Necklace Julie Anstaett Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Fashion Accessories Amanda Senger Necklace and Earring Set
Home Décor Karen Nelson Home Décor Door Teapot
Jewelry Design Set Becky Miller Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace (Tie) Sherry Shine Necklace
Necklace (Tie) Sherry Shine Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
  Nichole Joy White Home Décor Sculpture

  Name View Winning Design
  Laura Burlis Home Décor Dragon

Trendsetter Award
  Name View Winning Design
  Stephanie J. Eddy Necklace and Cuff Bracelet Set

Honorable Mention
  Name View Winning Design
  Marissa Neun Home Décor Wall Hanging

Barbara Briggs K. L. Wilkinson Sarita Neun
Karen Nelson Laura Burlis