2019 Seed Bead Contest Winners and Finalists

2019 Seed Bead Contest Winners and Finalists
Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner: $500 Gift Certificate
Design Idea K71N Necklace

When it comes to designs, Kristina Joseph's Briar Rose was far and above the favorite of the judges for the amount of detail. Not only was it "glamourous and innovative," as one judge called it, the central stone could pop out and be swapped! Kristina's work was time and time again commented on for being able to draw the judge's eyes to it, even when looking at other pieces. The judges all agreed this was the most difficult contest to judge, but that didn't stop Briar Rose from standing out.

Chris, especially, became enchanted by Briar Rose's beauty, going so far as to say, "It tells a fun story, it's flashy and yet colorful at the same time."

Design Idea K71S Necklace and Bracelet

Jewelry designer Ezartesa made the judging process even harder to pick from when it came to her Fancy Squares set. The on-trend style of geometric shapes, with the combination of blues, greens, and red seed beads, created a jewelry set that spoke to the judges. Calling on inspiration from ancient Egyptian jewelry trends, Ezartesa found the perfect blend to classic meets modern.

Chris found it "so hard to select from so many good pieces," but she couldn't pass up on this gorgeous set, that "embodies how this contest is more detailed, more beautiful than ever before."

Design Idea K728 Gauntlet and Rings

Drawing from Nordic myths, Cath Thomas created this gauntlet for the goddess of snow and hunting, Skadi. Included into the seed bead "metal" of the gauntlet are symbols of good health, good luck and peace--a detail the judges and Chris realized and couldn't believe. As its name suggests, the Ice and Iron Gauntlet of Skadi resembles art created by the master blacksmithing dwarves Brokkr and Eitri in their forge.

"The patterns are so detailed, it truly is an incredible piece," said Chris as she admired it in the light.

Design Idea K72M Purse

It wasn't hard to follow the Yellow Brick Road to Oz with Ruth Spiekerman's entry. The detail work on its many surfaces and attention put into every scene and reference showed Ruth's passion for her art. When Stuart first entered the room, he was immediately drawn to the piece. Due to the popularity among employees, Yellow Brick Road to Oz became the clear Employee's Choice award winner.

Chris called it, "Unbelievably different with such a wonderful theme"--the employees agreed!

Design Idea K72B Necklace

Mariana Vasileva knows how to warm things up, and her The Hot Dragon could not be cooled off. Its punky, sharp and bold style choices were outstanding and left an energy in the room that wouldn't be denied. It was for this reason that The Hot Dragon was the winner of the Trendsetter award!

Chris has this to say about it: "It is trendy and wearable as is."

Design Idea K72G Necklace

Shoko Kimura took the judges on a voyage with her piece, but it was Stuart who fell in love with her design. While there were so many wonderful pieces, he found this one particularly superb and he couldn't stop smiling as he marked this as the winner of the President's Award.

When Stuart was asked why he loved the piece so much he said with a laugh, "It's dynamic."

Design Idea K72L Necklace

Sometimes art refuses any category other than its own, which is why AtypicaLab di Cristina Patratanu's piece Wind of Spring is the winner of the Whimsy Award! The color used on the piece itself kept drawing judges, Chris and Stuart back again and again for another look.

Not only did it shine for the different techniques used in its creation, but as Chris said, "Everybody loves butterflies!"

Design Idea K724 Necklace

Drawing inspiration from your surroundings is easy for art. What is difficult is creating a piece of art that in turn inspires others! Cathe Campbell rose to the challenge and her Native Spirits, which embodies her experiences with Pacific Northwest culture, is walking away with the Pacific Northwest Inspiration Award.

Chris was impressed by the quality of the necklace and said that it "Captured the spirit of the Pacific Northwest perfectly."

Design Idea K72H Home Décor Sculpture

When it comes to sculptures, Gui-Ja Yang has a few things to teach people. Her piece, Weeping Willow and Pansies, is such a wonderful snapshot of still life that masks so much detail. Each leaf on the willow tree is made of seed beads! There is so much detail in this sculpture the judges could not think of any other award to give it than the Spectacular Sculpture award!

Chris gushed over it, saying that it was "so darling."

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Kristina Joseph Necklace
Grand Prize Silver Ezartesa Necklace and Bracelet Set
Grand Prize Bronze Cath Thomas Gauntlet and Rings Set
Home Décor Nicole Duda Home Décor Wall Art

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Beaded Embroidery Sonia Lidozzi Necklace
Fashion Accessories Maren Mehnert Purse
Home Décor Krafty Max Home Décor Wall Art
Necklace Laura Ciranna Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Beaded Embroidery Carolyn Cave Necklace
Fashion Accessories Tetiana Panina Purse
Home Décor Patricia Hornby Home Décor Wall Art
Necklace Abril and Sandoval Necklace

Grand Prize Employee
  Name View Winning Design
  Ruth Spiekerman Purse

Fire Mountain
  Name View Winning Design
  Cathe Campbell Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
  Shoko Kimura Necklace

Fire Mountain
  Name View Winning Design
  Gui-Ja Yang Sculpture

Trendsetter Award
  Name View Winning Design
  Mariana Vasileva Necklace

Fire Mountain
  Name View Winning Design
  AtypicaLab di Cristina Patratanu Necklace

Honorable Mention
  Name View Winning Design
  ADNJewelry Bracelet
  Krystyna Latosik Necklace
  Lois Thome Necklace
  Patricia Parker Necklace

  Name View Design
  Lois Thome Home Décor Ornament
  Agota Gedai Eichert Necklace
  Amanda Su Necklace
  Clorinda Mirto Necklace
  Francesca Lobbe Necklace
  Giannella Cau Necklace
  Jelena Kasevska Necklace
  Maria Grazia Vincenti Necklace
  Marina Garbo Necklace
  Oksana Necklace
  Selene Necklace
  Yasmine Gamal Necklace
  Kathleen Devine Necklace and Earring Set