2019 Crystal Contest Winners and Finalists

Design Idea K929

Giannella Cau said she had invoked the mythology of ancient Greece and their Graces, the goddesses of charm, beauty and human creativity. Particularly, she drew inspiration from Anthea, the golden blossom, and the flowers that she was known for. Floral arrangements made of crystals heighten the beauty of the piece which kept drawing the judges back to it.

Chris and Stuart both commented on how truly great the piece was, with Stuart walking right up to the piece as soon as he entered judging!

Design Idea K932 Costume

With inspiration drawn from the Arabian epic One Thousand and One Nights, Stefania lucci brought the mythical Scheherazade to life. Sherazade (and love triumphs) impressed everyone that saw it for the "breadth of technique and selection of crystals used." Stefania can now tell her story about how this piece won her Grand Silver for her piece that Chris called "absolutely gorgeous"!

Design Idea K92R Dress

Melinda Baur knows how to light up the night with dazzle and gleam which is why she created the Knitted Party Swing Dress with 3000 crystal bicones (placed by hand!). Because of her training as a biochemist and professor, Melinda says her inspiration for her dress came from things both in and outside of the lab. She combined not only wonderful beading technique but also amazing knitting skills to make the entire dress. Our designers were impressed by the hemwork, saying that it was "very difficult to do well, and she did this very well!"

Design Idea K92P Necklace

Stuart was in awe of all of the different entries into the contest, but this one in particular struck his attention. The Indian Wedding Necklace by Shenna Lehmer drew his eye with the bold, vibrant colors. Inspired by the wedding necklaces that she had seen online, her use of pearls and crystals really captured every stunning detail. That is why Stuart awarded this design with the President's Award.

Design Idea K931 Necklace

Get a boost of confidence with this Trendsetter Award-winning piece Queen of Hearts by Ekaterina Uskova. She said that the piece fills her with confidence with the large gemstones and bold colors, and after our designers looked at it they agreed! One designer said that Ekaterina "finished the back exceptionally well for detail and quality" while Chris said that it was "So fun, so unique looking, I absolutely love this piece."

Design Idea K93G Bracelet, Ring and Earring Set

When it came time to pick the Employee's Choice, Kristina Joseph really captured everyone's attention with her Snap Judgement. Drawing inspiration from comic book culture, she not only created a beautiful piece, but also a fun nod to pop culture that shows you can find inspiration anywhere for your art. Between the detail that went into it (it's extremely customizable!) and the stunning quality, everyone had fun with this piece including Chris, who said with a laugh: "I want to have the gauntlet and stones in real life! I'd never have to commute to work again!"

Design Idea K92N Necklace

For Sheila Christie, Greece and the Pacific northwest meet into one piece. Icarus Falls, The Phoenix Rises draws from the warning of hubris for Icarus, told not to fly too close to the sun or else his wings would melt, and the power of the bird of fire. As Icarus' wings melt away, the flames reinvigorate the phoenix, allowing it to take flight. This style of necklace, the use of feathers and the warning draws many parallels with the stories of the trickster Raven for many indigenous peoples of the Pacific northwest.

Design Idea K93D Necklace

"Just wonderful and fun, like all art should be" is what Chris had to say about the White Swan by Glitzystonesandbeads. She drew her inspiration from watching a swan swim its way gracefully over the surface of a lake, drawing parallels with the famous ballet Swan Lake. It was a whimsical piece that made everyone laugh with joy.

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Gold Medal

Category Name View Winning Design
Grand Prize Gold Giannella Cau Necklace
Grand Prize Silver Stefania Iucci Costume
Grand Prize Bronze Melinda Baur Dress
Fashion Accessories Sharon Demaris Earrings
Jewelry Design Sets Patricia Tribble Necklace and Earring Set

Silver Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Fasion Accessories (Tie) Allure Bijoux Brooch
Fasion Accessories (Tie) Allure Bijoux Brooch
Fasion Accessories (Tie) Allure Bijoux Brooch
Jewelry Design Sets KaoriNa Necklace and Earring Set
Necklace Jody Young Necklace

Bronze Medal
Category Name View Winning Design
Fashion Accessories (Tie) Edwin Batres Designer Bead
Fashion Accessories (Tie) IGI Design Pendant
Jewelry Design Sets (Tie) Gay Isber Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Jewelry Design Sets (Tie) Karen Leslie Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Necklace Guzialia Reed Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
Kristina Joseph Interchangeable Bracelet, Ring and Earring Set

Pacific Northwest Inspiration
  Name View Winning Design
  Sheila K. Christie Necklace

  Name View Winning Design
  Shenna Lehmer Necklace

Trendsetter Award
  Name View Winning Design
Ekaterina Uskova Necklace

Whimsy Award
  Name View Winning Design
  Glitzystonesandbeads Necklace

  Name View Design
  Anita M. Russell Brooch and Earring Set
  Chris Davis Necklace
  Claudia Maria Pirv Necklace
  Clorinda Mirto Necklace
  Colleen Ireland Necklace
  Crystal Creations by Lilly Boudine Necklace
  Edda Lucia Guastalla Necklace
  Edda Lucia Guastalla Necklace
  Edwin Batres Earrings
  Iha Vahlberg Orre Necklace
  Iryna Shlapakova Necklace
  Janet Healy Bracelet
  Julie Anstaett Bracelet
  Kathleen Devine Necklace
  Keiko Wada Bracelet
  Marina Garbo Necklace
  Melanie Armstrong Earrings
  Michelle and Natalie Packard Bracelet
  Natalia Savastano Necklace
  Rangashrii Santhanam Necklace and Earring Set
  Rangashrii Santhanam Bracelet and Earring Set
  Susan Sassoon Necklace
  Susan Sassoon Necklace
  Tina's Jewelry Necklace
  Zegna Aston Bracelet and Ring Set