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What does Promotional Quality mean?

Promotional Quality is also known as "commercial" or "C"-grade quality. The appearance of the beads is similar to our regular stock, except that you can expect to find occasional flat spots on some beads and mild irregularities in the drilling. You will find that 90-95% of the beads on each strand will work perfectly in any application. The defective beads can be used in applications where the size, color and shapes of the beads, along with the strand, are mixed.

Who uses Promotional Quality beads?

Traditionally, they have been used by jewelry manufacturers, particularly those who are working to meet price points. Now, we are finding that they have a place in bead stores and other retail bead outlets. These stores are learning that many of their customers will gladly put up with the minor inconvenience of using this grade, in return for the significant price savings.

Why are these beads only sold in packs of 10 strands?

They are intended for manufacturers and resellers and these bulk buyers prefer that the strands come in bulk packaging.

Does Fire Mountain take back orders on promotional beads?

We are now taking backorders on Promo Quality beads. However, we are unable to guarantee the timeliness of the backorder since our factories may have trouble obtaining steady supplies of rough-cut materials. This can result in no production of certain products for months at a time. If you are relying on these products for a large production run, we suggest that you secure your beads well in advance.

Why does Fire Mountain offer only chips, pebbles and 4, 6, 8mm round beads in promotional grades?

This is based on demand and availability. These sizes represent the huge bulk of manufacturers' usage and our factories cut only rounds, pebbles and chips.

Products sold by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® are intended for experienced jewelry-makers and designer-artists;
children 14 years of age or younger should use these products with adult direction.

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