Limited Quantity

Adhesive, Araldite®, 2-part epoxy, light ivory. Sold per 36-gram pkg.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: H20-1136LP

Imperfection: Due to the volume of inventory purchases, this adhesive will come past the expiration date listed on the box. However, it still functions as intended. and you get to save on this good deal!

Overall strength: high
Use: multi-purpose
Drying time: 90 minutes
Color once dry: very light ivory color

Jewelry application: Use for projects that need a tight, strong bond. This adhesive is great for gluing cabochons to bezels or attaching an earring to a backing. It is very, very strong.

Special notes: Epoxy will only harden once it is mixed with its curing agent. This epoxy will not shrink or be affected by water, oil or gasoline. Make sure to use proper ventilation when using this product.

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