Limited Quantity

Seed bead, Dyna-Mites™, glass, silver-lined translucent ruby red, #11 round with square hole. Sold per 1/2 kilogram pkg.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: D10-68SMK

Product Information

Sizes are approximate

Hole Size:  approximately 0.64mm

Dyna-Mites™ are manufactured by Matsuno® of Japan. The rocaille shape is rounded and smooth on the edges and a great general purpose seed bead. Great for stringing, as spacer beads, sewing, embroidery, doll clothing and quilting. The rounded edges are more forgiving for bead sculpture such as lampshades or other shaped wire that is not necessarily straight and flat.

Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot.

A 1/2 kilogram package can contain approximately 51,200 beads.

Needles for Your Seed Beading

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