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Book, "New Connections in Chain Mail Jewelry with Rubber and Glass Rings" by Kat Wisniewski. Sold individually.

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Well-known designer and teacher Kat Wisniewski shows jewelry makers how to incorporate flexible rubber rings and sparkling glass rings by moving beyond traditional chainmaille weaves. The 25 projects in this book include colorful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants, each made using Kat's own custom patterns. The wide variety of colors and projects will be exciting for jewelry makers at every level.

Softcover, full color, 112 pages
25 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Beginning to intermediate
Books are shrink-wrapped and are returnable if unopened.

Made in the USA

Product-Related Information

About the author: Kat is an inventive and dedicated pioneer in the craft of chainmaille. In 2003, she learned the craft by finding chainmaille weave photos online and printing them larger in order to decipher how the rings interacted. She bought various rings from craft stores, opened them with her fingers and terrible pliers, and then somehow figured out how to push the rings into the proper positions to match the photos. It took a few months before she realized there were online tutorials and ring suppliers. She was so enthusiastic about the craft, that she started teaching chainmaille within just a few months of learning it.

Kat has won various awards for her work, and is well known for her 15 chainmaille tutorials, including her famous Glass Caterpillar Bracelet pattern. She has published many tutorials with Blue Buddha Boutique, Wirework and Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazines. Kat also has ghost-written 42 of the Blue Buddha Boutique's tutorials. Kat has taught at many locations in the Chicagoland area and currently continues to teach at Lillstreet Art Center and Blue Buddha Boutique. You can also find Kat's work via her jewelry company, Elemental Art Jewelry Boutique and at various fine art shows in the Chicagoland area.