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PMC Sterling® Precious Metal Clay, high strength sterling silver. Sold per 25-gram pkg.

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PMC Sterling® is a formula of metal clay with more than twice the bending strength of original fine silver metal clay after firing. With its high tensile strength, surface hardness and increased density, PMC Sterling is ideal for hinges, bracelets and other applications that face high levels of wear and tear. It can be worked in the same way as fine silver clays. Add gold or enamel accents, and solder with an easy or medium solder.

The strongest silver metal clay to date, PMC Sterling carves beautifully, joins easily and can be shaped into beads, pendants and other jewelry pieces using simple hand tools or just fingers. Conventional metal clay tools can be used with PMC Sterling but it is important to clean the tools thoroughly before and after use with other clays; avoid using aluminum tools or allowing PMC Sterling to come into contact with anything aluminum prior to firing. Due to the copper content, PMC Sterling must be kiln-fired in two steps--one as an open-shelf firing and one with the piece submerged in a firing pan filled with coconut-based activated carbon. Shrinkage is 15-20%. After firing, PMC Sterling meets the .925 legal standard for sterling silver.

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