Glues and Adhesives Clear E-6000
Limited Quantity

Adhesive, E6000® Stitchless™, clear. Sold per 2-fluid ounce tube.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: H20-6621BS

Overall strength: high
Use: Multi-use iron-on glue
Drying Time: With iron setting on "wool," dries in 60 seconds. Washable after 72 hours
Color once dry: clear

Jewelry application: This versatile iron-on glue delivers fast, easy and permanent hemming on clothing, quilts and more. With a fine-line applicator, this odor-free glue is ideal for a variety of jewelry-making projects including soutache and leather designs. Glue quickly attaches patches, trims and beaded appliqués and more. Glue is both washable and dry cleanable.

Made in the USA

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