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Modeling pellets, Friendly Plastic®, thermoplastic molding compound, white. Sold per 1.4-ounce pkg.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: H20-6627BS

Friendly Plastic® modeling pellets are ideal for creating hard plastic, single-sided and three-dimensional molds for beading components, as well as other uses. Non-toxic, biodegradable plastic pellets are thermoplastic, meaning they are soft and pliable at certain temperatures and return to rigidity once cooled. Simply soften them in hot water to create custom molds, capture interesting textures, shapes and surfaces or form made-to-order handles for favorite jewelry-making tools. Plastic is completely reusable--simply re-soften and re-remold. Pellets conform to American Society for Testing and Materials D-4236 certification standards.

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Friendly Plastic® Modeling Pellets
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