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PMC3™ Precious Metal Clay, fine silver. Sold per 55-gram pkg.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: H20-6648BS

The strongest of all the silver metal clays, PMC3™ clay is well suited to applications where designs will be subject to increased wear after firing, such as rings. Soft and easy to work with, PMC3™ produces bright, strong finished silver pieces. PMC3™ can be fired at a low temperature, making it the clay of choice for use with glass and certain gemstones that can't be fired at higher temperatures. PMC3™ results in 99.9% silver when fired.

Shrinkage: 10-12%
Firing Temperature and Time:
1290 degrees for 10 minutes
1200 degrees for 20 minutes
1110 degrees for 45 minutes
Package contains recycled silver.

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