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COPPRclay™, white, 1850-degree formula. Sold per 100-gram pkg.

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Pinch, roll, sculpt, cut or shape white COPPRclay™ to create custom white metal jewelry designs. Once shaped and dried, fire in activated carbon to yield copper-and-nickel designs. Economical and affordable alternative to precious metal clays, white COPPRclay can be used for large pieces--even sculptures. Accepts oxidizers, patinas, high-shine finishes, enamel and Pebeo porcelain paint. Create mokume gane-like wood grain patterns by layering unfired white COPPRclay and original COPPRclay, then firing.

• Must be fired in coconut shell-based activated carbon in a pan
• Firing temperature: Ramp at 500°F/hour to 600°F (320°C) and hold for 10 minutes; then ramp at full speed to 1850°F (1010°C) and hold for 2 hours (4 hour total firing time)
• Composition: copper, nickel, water and non-toxic binding materials
• Shrinkage: approximately 20-25%

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