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Focal, Swarovski® crystals, Crystal Passions®, crystal Bermuda blue P, 33mm faceted sun pendant (6724). Sold individually.

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Item Number: H20-A6700CY

Feel the enticement of the tropics with the captivating crystal Bermuda blue from Swarovski. The crystal changes color at each angle--from brilliant blue to alluring sea green and is precision beveled and faceted to enhance the color and flash. The "P" in the color name stands for "Protective Layer," which is a lacquer system applied over the crystal Bermuda blue effect. The lacquer is designed to protect the effects from scratches, fingerprints and other damage and also helps to prevent moisture that can lead to corrosion (example: from perspiration).

As the very symbol of life, the sun stands for happiness and positivity. And so does the new sun pendant. Its complex yet easily recognizable shape opens up a new, strongly faceted trend direction.

Hole size and placement may vary slightly.

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