Limited Quantity

Flat back, Crystal Passions®, crystal light chrome, foil back, 4mm square (2408/4). Sold per pkg of 24.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: H20-B8355CY

Crystal light chrome's cold silver shimmer emphasizes the renewed focus on opulence with a modern mindset. In color theory, silver is associated with energy, prosperity, and modernity. As such, crystal light chrome is a timeless, unisex element for all looks, but the metallic hue of crystal light chrome particularly encapsulates robotic/sci-fi design elements that are currently on the rise.

Geometrically inspired with clean lines, the square cabochon from Crystal Passions® expands shape opportunities when using cabochons. The non-hotfix square cabochon has a pearl-like sheen that gives jewelry and accessories a soft effect.