Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has partnered with Pantone, the world's color authority, to provide their expert color forecasts. View the PANTONE® Fall/Winter 2009-2010 color report below.

This quirky palette pairs similar tones of exuberant color to enhance hallucinogenic effects, to play tricks on the eye, to astonish and impress. Super-bright, almost Day-Glo® tones like Barberry, Purple Reign (a key color) and Buttercup are off-set by unexpected medium shades such as Faded Rose and Sheer Lilac, for a new interpretation of a bright palette. The green in this palette (Fern Green) indicates how greens will be developing: less natural, more pronounced…

PANTONE 18-1629
Faded Rose
Original, Intriguing, Layered
PANTONE 18-1760
Sumptuous, Deep, Dramatic
PANTONE 17-1547
Enduring, Willful, Passionate
PANTONE 19-3730
Purple Reign
Substantial, Unique, Expensive
PANTONE 16-3617
Sheer Lilac
Uplifting, Eager, Tender
PANTONE 18-4334
Mediterranean Blue
Powerful, Healing, Spiritual
PANTONE 16-4427
Horizon Blue
Momentous, Worthy, Plentiful
PANTONE 17-6153
Fern Green
Rich, Fertile, Abundant
PANTONE 14-0244
Bright Lime Green
Fruity, Lively, Prosperous
PANTONE 12-0752
Energetic, Cheerful, Eye-catching

Global Warming Color Palettes
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

The right hallucinogenic experience brings you back to earth
Blue, pink, and violet are at the spiritual end of the spectrum
Fluorescent and effervescent
Shocking pink for a shocking effect
Color can be an alarm clock
Sugar rush
A color-induced high
Too much is not enough...
More color, more objects, more symbol
The morning after
Even your recovery is colorful
Anything goes
All the glories of bad taste... in one place
Excess in your accessories?
The answer is yes
The pot of gold and the end of the rainbow is just a shade of yellow

Hues here are life giving blues and greens with a shot of antique citron (Cress Green), The novelty color of the season. But there is a dusting of history, through soft tones like Arona and Forget-Me-Not, which keeps colors at once lush and contained, alive but delicate. What makes this palette new is that the natural greens (like Piquant Green and Greener Pastures) are being combined with deep blue and teal shades (such as Tidepool and Ensign Blue).

PANTONE 15-0533
Linden Green
Sultry, Kind, Comfortable
PANTONE 15-0643
Cress Green
Enchanting, Sweet, Honorable
PANTONE 17-0235
Piquant Green
Novel, Brave, Healthy
PANTONE 19-0312
Greener Pastures
Permanent, Restful, Content
PANTONE 19-0230
Inscrutable, Enigmatic, Amazing
PANTONE 19-4026
Ensign Blue
Respectable, Amiable, Noble
PANTONE 16-4032
Nurturing, Perceptive, Friendly
PANTONE 16-4109
Patient, Gentle, Sensible
PANTONE 15-4312
Splendid, Hypnotizing, Glorious
PANTONE 13-4404
Ice Flow
Cool, Fascinating, Esoteric

Greenhouse Effect Color Palettes
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Confronting tradition
Injecting the colors of pure air and water into time-honored shapes and patterns
The bluest blue, the greenest green
What's endangered is most precious
Romantic camouflage
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Luminous lines
Jewels line the body and outline nature
Blue skies
Outside-the-box layering of old and new
Antique citron brings sunshine to a moody palette
Amber earth, sapphire sky, jade waters
Nature captured in gemstones
Comforting references to domestic life
Refined shapes and colors
Painterly patterns
Old master blues and greens
Still waters run deep
Juxtaposed jewel tones create intrigue

Dusty neutrals, punctuated with elemental reds and ochres, evoke this sense of peace and the underlying strength within it. The necessary accent is again in the yellow family: Nugget Gold, a deeply intriguing shade that updates the entire 2009/2010 palette. Another newcomer is Rust, as terra cotta tones bring warmth and interest to what is basically our second neutral palette of the season.

PANTONE 11-0701
Harmonious, Fair, Proper
PANTONE 16-1331
Honest, Comely, Correct
PANTONE 14-1119
Winter Wheat
Mild, Calm, Distinct
PANTONE 15-1132
Fall Leaf
Balanced, Inquisitive, Sound
PANTONE 16-0952
Nugget Gold
Just, Poised, Heroic
PANTONE 18-1248
Important, Global, Significant
PANTONE 18-1142
Leather Brown
Substantial, Comprehensive, Multicultural
PANTONE 19-1338
Russet Brown
Handsome, Chivalrous, Gallant
PANTONE 18-1130
Polished, Graceful, Refined
PANTONE 19-1314
Coffee Bead
Stable, Strong, Dignified

Sandstorm Color Palettes
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Arid neutrals in mouthwatering combinations
Heat and Dust
Materials under duress form beautiful patterns
Primitive spirits
Humble materials in bold compositions
Wood nymph
Contemplating the origin of our species
Out of the Woods
From dark to luminous, wood is precious
Mark your mark
Graffito-inspired patterns in charcoal tones
Cosmopolitan tribe
Primitive and urban coexist
Dry winds
A veil of dusted color
The first textile
Patched and woven skins rise again

PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The PANTONE reference numbers shown represent the PANTONE Colors most closely related to the color of the products. Printed and on screen color reproduction may not match PANTONE-identified color standards.

Used with the permission of Pantone LLC.

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