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Adding to one's treasures is a desire as old as humanity. We still talk and dream about ancient Troy, Byzantium, and Old Egypt in part because they succeeded more stylishly than anyone at accumulating and displaying wealth. The colors of Enrich take flavor from antique ideas of beauty…but in a modern and elegant way. This is History pushing forward into the Future.

As you would expect we begin with Rich Gold and Pale Gold. Their luster is the oldest, and most enviable, basis of luxury. Gunmetal reminds us of other precious metals: pewter and old silver.

Peacoat, Licorice, Eggplant, Tapenade, Golden Oak and Chili recall the colors of frescos and inlaid marbles and old jewelry-and make the metals we began with sparkle and look even better.

At the end of the palette, we have the intriguing shade of Quail, which represents the mist of time through which we see historic luxury. It deepens and softens all the precious tones of the palette. Does it bring a little wistfulness into the idea of reinterpreting historical ideas of luxury? Yes.

PANTONE 16-0836
Rich Gold
Luxurious, Opulent, Valuable
PANTONE 19-1102
Stirring, Vital, Striking
PANTONE 19-2311
Decadent, Lavish, Sensual
PANTONE 17-1046
Golden Oak
Antique, Relic, Venerable
PANTONE 19-3920
Wisdom, Silence, Time-tested
PANTONE 18-0840
Vintage, Mature, Savory
PANTONE 18-1448
Ripe, Flavorful, Gratifying
PANTONE 18-0306
Enduring, Practical, Timeless
PANTONE 15-0927
Pale Gold
Generous, Consoling, Insightful
PANTONE 17-1505
Worldly, Cultured, Yielding

This palette refers to our at once joyous and unsettling dream life. Freedom from the normal rules is invigorating…and can turn odd and unsettling in an instant. But our minds turn to dreaming night after night, risking the moments of unease in the name of flight!

Bright White provides the clean, shining backdrop for unfettered imagination. Complex and odd, Emerald and Lagoon create an unstable base of color, with Spring Crocus, Dusty Orange, Cayenne and Blazing Yellow provoking a beautiful, though perhaps confusing, reaction.

Ether, Pink Nectar and Canary Yellow step in to mellow the palette, to reassert the sweet dreams we all wish for.

Playing back and forth between the vivid and the sweet make the palette unusual and interesting.

PANTONE 16-5418
Soothing, Refreshing, Energizing
PANTONE 17-5641
Brilliant, Authentic, Resilient
PANTONE 14-4506
Peaceful, Cool, Gentle
PANTONE 17-3020
Spring Crocus
Transforming, Captivating, Spellbinding
PANTONE 16-1344
Dusty Orange
Saucy, Flirtatious, Amusing
PANTONE 18-1651
Intense, Brave, Impulsive
PANTONE 14-2307
Pink Nectar
Innocent, Young, Feminine
PANTONE 12-0643
Blazing Yellow
Unrestrained, Rakish, Risk-taking
PANTONE 12-0633
Canary Yellow
Shy, Radiant, Lovely
PANTONE 11-0601
Bright White
Dreamy, Pristine, Untouched

The defensive shell, exemplified by the beetle's shell, is the subject of this palette. Shells do not have to be boring: on the contrary, it is sometimes useful to show clearly that your defenses are strong to discourage predators from approaching.

Licorice, Java and Lipstick Red provide the high contrast foundation of Protect. Chili Pepper adds a layer of subtlety and depth.

Liberty, Empire Yellow, Online Lime and Lime Punch provide entertaining accents, mostly in small quantities.

The two important shades of orange, Mandarin Red and Red Orange, are very close in color value. But their differences are meaningful enough to keep both colors in the palette. Mandarin Red is clever and sophisticated, shifting back and forth between a true orange and something redder and more ambitious. Red Orange is at first brash and loud; but the longer you look, the more compelling and timeless it becomes.

PANTONE 19-1102
Stirring, Vital, Striking
PANTONE 19-1420
Powerful, Strong, Fervent
PANTONE 19-3850
Layered, Confident, Exquisite
PANTONE 18-1658
Chili Pepper
Daring, Ravishing, Witty
PANTONE 19-1764
Lipstick Red
Intuitive, Deep, Alluring
PANTONE 17-1562
Mandarin Red
Artful, Clever, Cunning
PANTONE 17-1464
Red Orange
Adventurous, Magnificent, Inspirational
PANTONE 17-0145
Online Lime
Lively, Youthful, Graphic
PANTONE 14-0756
Empire Yellow
Emphatic, Brash, Straightforward
PANTONE 13-0550
Lime Punch
Stimulating, Invigorating, Animated

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