Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has partnered with Pantone, the world's color authority, to provide their expert color forecasts. The PANTONEĀ® Fall/Winter 2011-2012 color trends are below.

We rely on the bright light of technology to simplify our lives with direct, effective, logical options. Man-made colors signal the presence of scientific optimism, and these resolute colors cast aside doubt and hesitation.

The palette hinges on aurora, apple green, dazzling blue and jelly bean, which harness all the reassuring and buoyant aspects of technology. They gleam confidently forward, demanding attention and promising immediate satisfaction.

Orchid hush, fuchsia rose and hyacinth violet provide happy contrast to the major brights in the palette. Pairing opposites like orchid hush and aurora--or fuchsia rose and apple green--induces sunny feelings.

Shaded spruce, twilight blue and blue graphite provide structure and stability: scientific solutions must be dependable, after all.

All colors in the palette could be rendered in metallic format (dull or fully reflective) for optimal scientific brilliance.

PANTONE 13-3805
Orchid Hush
Clever, Fervent, Impetuous
PANTONE 17-2031
Fuchsia Rose
Sensual, Exciting, Festive
PANTONE 12-0642
Exhilarating, Optimistic, Luminous
PANTONE 15-0543
Apple Green
Awake, Thriving, Quick
PANTONE 18-3949
Dazzling Blue
Energizing, Futuristic, Dynamic
PANTONE 17-6030
Jelly Bean
Concentrated, Animated, Theatrical
PANTONE 19-4524
Shaded Spruce
Subliminal, Innate, Extrasensory
PANTONE 18-3331
Hyacinth Violet
Imaginative, Witty, Young
PANTONE 19-3938
Twilight Blue
Profound, Consistent, Knowing
PANTONE 19-4015
Blue Graphite
Observant, Ever-Present, Inescapable

It's not enough to survive or even to control: we want to understand, too. Formal religion has lost some of its luster in recent years--but spiritual inquiry continues. Individualistic contemplation leaves behind stained glass and prayer books and looks towards the most ancient spirituality we know of: fire worship.

Copper, apricot orange, golden apricot, sun orange, burnt ochre and aurora red capture the colors of fire--treasured for warmth, a sense of protection and the promise of enlightenment. Smoke pine and red mahogany promise life and health. Brown stone and licorice hint at what Is left when the fire goes out: dirt and soot.

PANTONE 16-1325
Charming, Agreeable, Advanced
PANTONE 17-1353
Apricot Orange
Ripe, Ready, Receptive
PANTONE 14-1041
Golden Apricot
Luminous, Inquisitive, Positive
PANTONE 16-1257
Sun Orange
Regal, Inspiring, Powerful
PANTONE 19-1521
Red Mahogany
Supportive, Warm, Rooted
PANTONE 18-1354
Burnt Ochre
Visionary, Prophetic, All-Seeing
PANTONE 18-1550
Aurora Red
Exciting, Impulsive , Passionate
PANTONE 18-5718
Smoke Pine
Reliable, Unwavering, Abiding
PANTONE 19-1322
Brown Stone
Original, Evolved, Essential
PANTONE 19-1102
Stirring, Vital, Striking

If you don't know your history, your future cannot be bright. So we look to historic dramas of love and conflict to help us see our present in a different light. A generous dusting of gold, especially when layered over reds and plums, brings old glories to the fore--and reminds us that there was a time before machines. A time when things looked beautiful because they were made by skilled hands, each with their own histories. Nuance and subtlety are part of the picture here.

A trio of reds establishes the romance palette. Persian red, with its hint of blue, brings a sense of mystery and passion. Ribbon red's clearer tone speaks of riches and power. And chili pepper's warm personality encourages warmth and comfort. Layered over and around the reds, champagne beige and pale gold become luxurious neutrals. Traditional neutrals of wind chime, jet black and turkish coffee are equally sumptuous in their own ways.

Burlwood and plum wine bring layers of unexpected feeling to the palette. Are they serious or sexy? It depends on the way they are combined. Kombu green can be as bold and important as the reds, but is to be used sparingly like precious serpentine jade.

PANTONE 14-4002
Wind Chime
Mature, Strong, Talented
PANTONE 14-1012
Champagne Beige
Striking, Radiant, Attentive
PANTONE 19-1860
Persian Red
Cherished, Loving, Adored
PANTONE 19-1663
Ribbon Red
Happy, Fulfilled, Celebratory
PANTONE 15-0927
Pale Gold
Generous, Consoling, Insightful
PANTONE 17-1516
Rueful, Tender, Hesitant
PANTONE 19-1557
Chili Pepper
Deep, Sophisticated, Multicultural
PANTONE 18-1411
Plum Wine
Passionate, Robust, Artistic
PANTONE 19-0417
Kombu Green
Assured, Content, Steady
PANTONE 19-0812
Turkish Coffee
Plausible, Intense, Practical

PANTONEĀ® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The PANTONE reference numbers shown represent the PANTONE Colors most closely related to the color of the products. Printed and on screen color reproduction may not match PANTONE-identified color standards.

Used with the permission of Pantone LLC.

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"Love the color forecast--very interesting."
- Susan

"I really like the Pantone Color Forecast information. It has been difficult for me through the yrs. to find this kind of information. I will use it often."
- Sheryle

"I just LOVE that you are keeping us up to date with the Pantone Colours!!! Thanks so much."
- Tricia

"Loved the Pantone preview color show, I can see those colors being used in my beading designs. Very delightfully much food for thought! Keep up the good work."
- Mary Lou

"The color palettes and interpretations were quite is worth noting what may be most desirable. I will probably try including those colors in some pieces just to see..... thank you."
- Ann

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