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The pace of communication is always increasing. With non-stop news, e-mail, texting and cell phones there is a desire to stop and think poetically about what matters. The written word is precious again, not to be devalued and thrown away.

Poetry explores the emotional weight words can bear, as very few words can relay a very big message. Poetry needs very little enhancement, and therefore this is a mostly neutral color palette, exploring the typical colors of type and ink, photography and film, with only one dramatic red highlight of red.

This trend explores type and fonts as decorative matter, which also extends into sketching, scribbling, stripes, digital dots and even some elements of black and white or sepia photography.

PANTONE 19-3908
Nine Iron
Direct, Essential, Literary
PANTONE 19-3728
Solemn, Erudite, Expressive
PANTONE 19-4220
Dark Slate
Intellectual, Skilled, Trenchant
PANTONE 17-4027
Praiseworthy, Admirable, Fine
PANTONE 17-1210
Moon Rock
Day Dreaming, Spiritual, Cultivated
PANTONE 14-0000
Silver Gray
Composed, Skilled, Motivated
PANTONE 13-1018
Desert Dust
Antique, Classical, Rare
PANTONE 13-4404
Ice Flow
Sublime, Accomplished, Preeminent
PANTONE 17-1553
Passionate, Fashionable, Cultured
PANTONE 11-0602
Snow White
Angelic, Fastidious, Pristine

Poetry 2.0 Color Palettes
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

What's on your mind?
Whether by machine or by hand, writing is essential
Read instructions first
The graphic clarity of letters and symbols invites deeper consideration
Crossing the line between text and abstraction
Small-scale overall patterns convey meaning
The word is the message
Say what's on your mind with varying fonts, scales, colors
Shout it from the roof tops
Brash witticisms and raised voices
Back to the classics
Deeper tones have enduring value
Writing with light
Using cut-outs and metallics to bring the message forward
Dark side of the moon
Black and white makes a simple statement
Universal messages
In the style of text, essentialized pattern transcends boundaries

Even in this age of scientific inquiry, we are not without nostalgia. We look back through the lens of old movies and familiar romances to a time when feminine charms were just that - charming.

This means resurrecting the colors of healthy cheeks and lips: flush rose, healthy coral, pretty pink, subtle salmon. In an extreme version of navel-gazing, we are looking at ourselves for signs of life and health. We find them in the simple shades of a fresh face.

These shades, so pretty and innocent, are linked to a renewed interest in historical pattern and reference. Past eras were pretty, were they not? We want a slice of that soothing energy. Is this a remedy to the recent preeminence of everything Modern? Perhaps. But in addition to being post-Post-Modern, it is a celebration of softer, happier times in a language tailored to the luxury customer.

The return to historical references means that gold is back, with its glorified sense of luxury. Flowers are celebrated here, too. And gold flowers positively demand to be made and worn.

This palette strips the complications from history and makes it as delicious as a dream.

PANTONE 12-0108
Canary Green
Agreeable, Serene, Placid
PANTONE 12-4705
Blue Blush
Pure, Gentle, Still
PANTONE 13-3802
Orchid Tint
Poised, Artistic, Lyrical
PANTONE 14-1012
Champagne Beige
Striking, Radiant, Attentive
PANTONE 17-1417
Beaver Fur
Composed, Great, Noble
PANTONE 17-1544
Burnt Sienna
Adventurous, Independent, Intricate
PANTONE 15-1333
Canyon Sunset
Bracing, Splendid, Rewarding
PANTONE 16-1626
Peach Blossom
Retro, Chic, Graceful
PANTONE 12-1305
Heavenly Pink
Affectionate, Precious, Compassionate
PANTONE 12-1106
Sheer Pink
Healing, Restorative, Pleasing

Skin 2.0 Color Palettes
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Peach Blossom and Canyon Sunset symbolize vibrant physical health
Pretty in Pink
A lush feminity at once youthful and elegant
The interplay between historical color and contemporary beauty
Blue Blush and Orchid Tint speak to the fragile, delicate side of the feminine
Subtle details and tiny florals
Sheer pleasures
Lingerie does not want to be hidden: lace and ribbons abound
Canary Green brings a hint of nature into this hothouse palette
Subtle use of this accent color brings the pinks alive
A golden touch
Heavenly and sheer pinks achieve complete luxury in the presence of gold
Nude neutrals
Subtle textures and applique gold add sophistication
The golden age
Pure frivolous ornament encourages a sense of romance
Champagne Beige
A foundation of smooth neutral color makes the blues, pinks and pearls shine brightly

PANTONEĀ® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The PANTONE reference numbers shown represent the PANTONE Colors most closely related to the color of the products. Printed and on screen color reproduction may not match PANTONE-identified color standards.

Used with the permission of Pantone LLC.

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