Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has partnered with Pantone, the world's color authority, to provide their expert color forecasts. The Spring/Summer 2010 color trends are below.

This tender yet strong palette links the luscious, youthful pastel of Rosewater, Lavender Frost, Fawn, Wan Blue and Parfait Pink with deep, sexy Hawthorn Rose, Mauveglow, and Amber, as well as mysterious Dark Shadow and Nine Iron. The interplay of innocence and health with sexiness and mystery brings intrigue to the palette.

Hawthorn Rose and Mauveglow, the bridge between dark and light, are key colors. They contain allusions to hardiness and vigor--and are at the same time coy and flirtatious. They can be pulled toward the innocent end of the scale by interacting with pastels, and towards the sensual side with the darker values within the palette. Hawthorn Rose is especially interesting and satisfying, and reflects a need for the lifeforce of tones heading into the red spectrum.

PANTONE 11-1408
Innocent, Tender, Angelic
PANTONE 15-3507
Lavender Frost
Naive, Young, Ingenue
PANTONE 16-1510
Early, Discreet, Sensible
PANTONE 13-2804
Parfait Pink
Bashful, Hesitant, Gentle
PANTONE 16-1617
Elegant, Courtly, Decorous
PANTONE 17-1147
Amber Brown
Astute, Ingenious, Able
PANTONE 12-4805
Wan Blue
Insightful, Clear, Willing
PANTONE 18-1716
Hawthorn Rose
Enchanting, Enriching, Inimitable
PANTONE 18-0306
Dark Shadow
Hidden, Deep, Arcane
PANTONE 19-3908
Nine Iron
Bedrock, Noble, Supportive

Dawn Color Palettes - A tender yet strong color palette
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Tough and Tender
Subtle shades of mauve and hawthorn for an intriguing, new look
Innocent and Ripe
Delectable colors of fruit and flower: both fresh and complex
Virtuous Vice
Light plays across skin to make blue shades and shadows
Hidden Meaning
A protective dark shell contains a delicious brew
Darkness Within
A pure and supple skin hides complexity
Touch Tones
Cool and warm color, smooth, and quilted textures: sleep longer
Prim and Passionate
Under the cool colors we find heat and warmth

The primary scheme here telegraphs urgency, simplicity, effectiveness, and awareness. Crimson is the key color: a strong blast of rich red that clears the cobwebs away. Pairing Crimson with neutrals, especially Bright White and Jet Black, carries the simplicity and immediacy Noon speaks of.

But the interplay with Limoges and Dress Blue, and with Maize and Freesia, allows for a graphic, assured contrast which will grab attention and cut through the clutter. Using these primaries as bold but contained accents is dynamic and fresh.

Ruby Wine carries much of the same confidence and simplicity, but in a softer, more vintage way. Using it with Ashes of Roses and Dark Shadow allows for more nuance.

Noon also carries a suggestion of pure, Bright White paired with Ashes of Roses and Dark Shadow. These create dazzling, mysterious products that intrigue with their simplicity.

PANTONE 11-0601
Bright White
Gracious, Pristine, Untouched
PANTONE 15-0703
Ashes of Roses
Clairvoyant, Ancient, Secure
PANTONE 13-0746
Beaming, Mercurial, Impulsive
PANTONE 14-0852
Powerful, Influential, Confident
PANTONE 19-1762
Auspicious, Affirmative, Glorious
PANTONE 19-1629
Ruby Wine
Enigmatic, Inexplicable, Nuanced
PANTONE 19-4044
Certain, Virtuous, Lasting
PANTONE 19-4025
Dress Blue
Brave, Intrepid, Self-reliant
PANTONE 18-0306
Dark Shadow
Hidden, Deep, Arcane
PANTONE 19-0303
Jet Black
Inscrutable, Oracular, Enduring

Noon Color Palettes - Primary colors from bright white to jet black and crimson red
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Red Alert
A flash of red in simple, contemporary forms
Strongly Nuanced
Red and darker neutrals feels mysterious yet forceful
Geometric Progression
Strong forms and strong color go hand in hand
Down to Business
In vintage tones, the palette still speaks simply and crisply
White Light
Glowing from within, white is modern and cutting edge
Shape Shifting
Bold elements of red make vintage references completely new
Wave the Flag
Adapting recognizable symbols with wit and humor
Blue on Blue
A color at once ethereal and direct
Flash Drive
A slash of yellow demands attention

Previous bright palettes have suggested powerful, hallucinogenic effects. Happy Hour returns to the traditional, reliable intoxicant: the cocktail. The feeling is uncomplicated and happy rather than overly daring and flirting with danger. All of the colors in the palette are attractive and tangy, but Cherry Tomato and Hot Pink offer the most delicious experience, followed by Orange Popsicle. They are happy and amusing without going too far! Materials and inspirations within the palette suggest a similar feeling.

Macaw Green and Viridian are also interesting here, as they carry newness in their exploration of blue and green tones--whereas Scarlet and Princess Blue convey some stability at the warm and cool ends of the spectrum. Macaw Green and Viridian update this palette.

PANTONE 19-1760
Perceptive, Intricate, Assertive
PANTONE 17-1563
Cherry Tomato
Fancy, Intoxicating, Unbridled
PANTONE 17-1937
Hot Pink
Tempestuous, Passionate, Brilliant
PANTONE 17-1350
Orange Popsicle
Vigilant, Bold, Decisive
PANTONE 14-1159
Emotional, Alert, Quick
PANTONE 12-0643
Blazing Yellow
Unrestrained, Rakish, Risk-taking
PANTONE 16-0230
Macaw Green
Brisk, Unconfined, Hip
PANTONE 17-5126
Viridian Green
Multifarious, Unpredictable, Unusual
PANTONE 17-4540
Hawaiian Ocean
Idealistic, Expectant, Optimistic
PANTONE 19-4150
Princess Blue
Positive, Loyal, Reliable

Happy Hour Color Palettes - Traditional, Reliable colors
Use the following color ratios in jewelry designs to create the defined color palettes.

Tasty Treats
Dip simple shapes in delicious tones for an irresistible treat
Contemporary Candy
Modern doesn't have to be serious if you color it in pink and green
Delicious Diversity
One is fun, but why not collect them all?
Candy Store
Old-fashioned treats now offered in happy hour brights
Glee Club
Giggles, grins and groovy combinations
Secret Sauce
In quantities small or large, the tonic of bright color is delicious

PANTONEĀ® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The PANTONE reference numbers shown represent the PANTONE Colors most closely related to the color of the products. Printed and on screen color reproduction may not match PANTONE-identified color standards.

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