Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has partnered with Pantone, the world's color authority, to provide their expert color forecasts. The PANTONE® Spring/Summer 2011 color trends are below.

Spring/ Summer 2011 Color Trends

The energy of the new decade will reveal itself in 2011. "The great recovery" and "The great recession" will loosen their grip, and we will walk out of their chilly arms, grateful to be done with them, like a butterfly breaks out of its chrysalis or a chick out of its confining little egg.

We will intrigue and dazzle ourselves with unique, re-invented personalities, with fresh skills and uncluttered outlooks. The optimism we have protected from a threatening climate will re-emerge. We can investigate poetry, seduction, revolution, and even romance again! Colors are tending toward the invigorating and the exultant. And when a little rest is required from all the playfulness, colors are nourishing and peaceful.

No more "irrational exuberance" followed by "crash and burn."

We will, like children experimenting with facets of identity, try on new faces and indulge in some role-playing. One amusing vignette will be followed by another. Monday you will be a serious ornithologist, and Tuesday perhaps a sonnet-writing lover. Saturday you will be a seductress extraordinaire, and Sunday you will be an anthropologist documenting distant cultures. We will acquire some knowledge. We will enjoy it. We will be playful and constructive, and eager to share the new growth we feel within.

2011 is going to be fun.

Gone are the days of traveling with steamer trunks and an entourage. Savvy globetrotters move quietly from place to place, blending in, speaking softly, keeping quiet, and savoring the quiet beauties of landscape and culture, of local food and drink.

The wanderer palette captures the gentle, faded beauty of slow, earthy travel. Colors of air, water, and earth blend together in a painterly way--in the way of memory and storytelling.

Earth red, fudge and green gables anchor the palette in an earthy way. Blue nights and riviera recall dark, faraway seas. Forever blue, purple ash, and limestone are the colors of skies remembered for their subtle beauty. Withered rose and silver peony, at the top of the palette, are colors of delight and sensuality.

PANTONE 12-1206
Silver Peony
Austere, Serious, Earnest
PANTONE 18-1435
Withered Rose
Appreciative, Knowing, Hushed
PANTONE 16-4702
Logical, Reserved, Efficient
PANTONE 17-3810
Purple Ash
Careful, Respectful, Private
PANTONE 16-4019
Forever Blue
Decent, Ethical, Helpful
PANTONE 17-4027
Praiseworthy, Admirable, Fine
PANTONE 19-4023
Blue Nights
Heavy, Bold, Nocturnal
PANTONE 18-1631
Earth Red
Capable, Productive, Worthwhile
PANTONE 19-1619
Sumptuous, Engulfing, Luxurious
PANTONE 19-4906
Green Gables
Authentic, Old-Fashioned, Vintage

Seduction can be a subtle affair, or an all-out assault. This palette leaves all the options open. Apricot orange, lavender, paprika and claret red glow gently with health and desire--and can kindle a similarly gentle response.

Fiesta, festival fuchsia, byzantium and Chinese red paint a picture of fiery passion that cannot be easily contained. They promise luscious satisfaction and ignite the imagination.

High-rise and blue graphite provide light and dark neutrals against which all the tones of passion can contrast.

PANTONE 17-1553
Passionate, Fashionable, Cultured
PANTONE 15-4101
Receptive, Insightful, Mercurial
PANTONE 15-3817
Fickle, Flirty, Feminine
PANTONE 17-1353
Apricot Orange
Ripe, Ready, Receptive
PANTONE 17-1740
Claret Red
Intoxicated, Giddy, Aglow
PANTONE 17-1564
Venturesome, Daring, Tangy
PANTONE 19-2434
Festival Fuchsia
Bright, Exciting, Hot
PANTONE 19-3138
Complex, Libertine, Sensual
PANTONE 18-1663
Chinese Red
Passionate, Layered, Assertive
PANTONE 19-4015
Blue Graphite
Observant, Ever-Present, Inescapable

The green revolution! Does it refer to the vast movement toward ecological stainability? To glimmers of change in the Middle East? Or to the recovery of global economies? Whatever your answer, vivid shades of green from lime to deep mint on the bright side and Amazon and jungle green on the dark are pulsing with life, energy and change. These are positive, vibrant colors--with more than enough strength to interact with each other and a single, strong accent.

Jumble the greens up and add a single energized accent: blazing yellow or amparo blue or chili pepper. In this context, bright white is not merely clean, it is also full of life and contrast.

The effects of these green shades resonate with futuristic references to technology, but also to imagery derived from stories unfolding right now as well as to ironic re-examination of romances from the past.

PANTONE 11-0601
Bright White
Crisp, Clean, Complete
PANTONE 12-0643
Blazing Yellow
Unrestrained, Rakish, Risk-Taking
PANTONE 14-0452
Lime Green
Stimulating, Vivacious, Dynamic
PANTONE 18-3945
Amparo Blue
Sentient, Aware, Awake
PANTONE 17-5937
Deep Mint
Modern, Futuristic, Trailblazing
PANTONE 18-6024
Revolutionary, Original, Exuberant
PANTONE 19-1557
Chili Pepper
Deep, Sophisticated, Multi-Cultural
PANTONE 19-3952
Surf The Web
Proficient, Available, Open
PANTONE 19-1650
Biking Red
Useful, Informative, Important
PANTONE 19-5914
Jungle Green
Breathing, Prolific, Overwhelming

PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The PANTONE reference numbers shown represent the PANTONE Colors most closely related to the color of the products. Printed and on screen color reproduction may not match PANTONE-identified color standards.

Used with the permission of Pantone LLC.

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