Spring/Summer 2012 Jewerly-Making Trends
Design Idea BBBB Necklace
Design Idea BBBB Necklace
Design Idea BBBC Bracelet
Brandon from Information Technology: Design Idea BBBB Necklace

Crusader Spring/Summer 2012 stems from a high-adventure journey, portraying jewelry-making materials and textures with a natural-worn look. The rugged appearance is not afraid to reveal frayed edges, woven patterns or the gritty appeal of a journeyman's travels.

Crusader Trends Color Palette

The earth-tone color palette of brown, tan and raw umber complement the midnight hues of dark blue and black. Choose from natural sandy colors and the dim effect of a wilderness evening.

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Materials: Crusader Trend

Leather and gunmetal materials become the backdrop for historical relics such as antiqued charms, beads and focals. Exotic gemstones and natural wood components are seamlessly incorporated.

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The Look

Showcasing a rugged appeal, the worn aspects of antiqued charms such as keys, lockets, wings, bone or mechanical gears become the centerpiece of customized crusader jewelry. Embedded details and patterns give the outdoorsman an opportunity to tell of his adventures.

Design Idea B56K Necklace
Design Idea BBBD Necklace
Design Idea B56K Necklace
Design Idea B17T Bracelet
Design Idea BBBD Necklace
Design Idea B56F Bracelet
Design Idea B17T Bracelet
Design Idea BBBD Necklace

More Crusader Design Ideas to Inspire

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