Barber Shop 

Fall-Winter 2017-18 Jewelry-Making Trends
Design Idea H72Z Necklace
Design Idea H72Z Necklace
Design Idea H72Z Necklace
Design Idea H72Z Necklace

Inspired by the great American Barber Shop where a hot towel, cold brew and clean razor were always at the ready, men's Spring/Summer 2018 jewelry reflects a renaissance of attention to men's grooming routines resulting in a polished look with pompadour flair.

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Of course, the iconic bright red and navy blue of the barber's pole spirals through the Barber Shop palette. Since this trend focuses on blue hues, the navy is complimented by a luxurious near-black blue and a powdered sky blue on the other end of the spectrum as regal purple provides a vibrant accent.

Shop for beads and focals in the Barber Shop color palette.

Design Idea H72Z Necklace
Materials and Components In The Barbershop Trend
Design Idea H72Z Necklace

What would a Barber Shop be without pomade? And as such, what would a men's trend inspired by artfully cut and sculpted hair be without Apoxie® Sculpt? The adhesive clay provides complete customization in design shape as well as a solid base from which to add embellishment.

Shop for materials and components in the Barber Shop trend.

The Look

Think clean, straight lines, rugged designs and natural materials such as gemstone and leather. It also comes as no surprise this primarily red and blue trend easily incorporates patriotic themes.

Design Idea FB0W Necklace
Design Idea 99AS Tie Tac
Design Idea FB0W Necklace
Design Idea C864 Ring
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