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I travel a lot on airplanes--I love to bead while traveling as it's uninterrupted bead-time--but it's a challenge to keep things portable and organized. Any suggestions?

- Bridgett
For a travel-size alternative to portable containers, recycle a portable CD case to tote your beads. They stuff into even the smallest spaces, are easy to grab and provide a stable work surface.

Remove the plastic inserts if your case has them, and cut two pieces of cardboard to fit inside the front and back cover pockets. Cut two pieces of thin foam to fit inside the case and press a bead sorting tray into the bottom piece of foam. Fill the dish with beads and zip the case closed. The top piece of foam will fit tightly against the bead dish so your traveling beads will stay in place. When you're ready to work, the open case will provide a small but sturdy work surface.

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