Topics: Tool Organization

No matter how hard I try, my tools always wind up in my way. I need them to be handy but no matter how organized I try to be, when I put them down onto my work surface, they inevitably get buried under piles of beads and I can't find them, or they are right on top of beads that I need to pick up--HELP!

- Sandy

It's good to get into the habit of putting your tools back in the same place, that way they're always there when you need them and not where you don't. There are two great choices in wooden tool organizers: Park Your Pliers™ and the wood tool holder for pliers. Or, you can use an empty coffee can or coffee mugs as a rack and hang the handles or your pliers over the edge. By keeping your tools in order, you can keep focused on designing and stop wondering where your pliers are.

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