Topics: Stringing Material for Woven Gemstone Chip Bracelet

If I use beading wire as my warp threads on the beading loom, may I use silk or nylon thread as the weft threads or will the wire cut the thread over time? I am planning to make a large bracelet using semi-precious stone chips as the beads.
- Katey
I wouldn't use thread for the design you are talking about. The gemstone chips as well as the wire will most likely cut through the thread. I have designed a woven cuff bracelet made from Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire and also used gemstone chips. For the warp and weft material, I chose 0.014 Accu-Flex beading wire, it is available in many colors as well as gold and silver and is fine enough to pass through the holes of the gemstone chips.

Opposite from seed bead loom weaving, string your chips onto the warp threads as you set up your loom; the wire will look like an abacus. I add the beads to the warp and not the weft so you only have to go through the bead holes one time, as opposed to going through the bead hole twice in traditional loom weaving. When your warp is strung with the chips, weave Accu-Flex beading wire as the weft, passing between the chips and the warp wires as a design element as well as for structure. The wire shows through between the beads and the result is a very strong and stunning piece. I have also made these cuffs using Crystals Passions 6mm rounds and 6mm Crystal Passions pearls which also yield an amazing piece.

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