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Is thread or beading wire better for beading necklaces or bracelets? If using thread, what kind is better and stronger? If using beading wire, how do you determine the wire size?
- Rina
The stringing material you choose should be based on the type of materials you are designing with. Heavier beads and components, as well as sharp-edged beads, require sturdier stringing material. Lightweight and soft materials can be strung on more delicate thread or cord.

For durable and long-lasting jewelry made with gemstone, glass and metal beads, most designer-artists choose Accu-Flex® beading wire. Accu-Flex is a strong nylon-coated multi-strand cable available in various diameter sizes, tensile strengths, metals and colors.

The more strands beading wire is made with, the more flexible it is; the more flexible it is the nicer the drape in the finished design. The diameter of Accu-Flex is measured in inches. The ultra-lightweight product line includes 0.012-inch, 0.0095-inch and 0.007-inch which are well suited for small beads such as pearls and seed beads. The 0.007-inch is the thinnest, most lightweight beading wire available. The lightweight 0.014-inch is well suited for small beads such as pearls, seed beads and small, lightweight glass beads. Mediumweight 0.019-inch is a great wire for mixing many types of beads, from small delicate beads to medium glass and Swarovski crystal. The heavyweight wire, 0.024-inch is best used in jewelry projects using heavier material, like gemstone nuggets and larger metal beads.

When designing with crystals or seed beads, we also recommend using FireLine™ thread. Renowned for its exceptional strength and versatility, FireLine resists abrasion. FireLine doesn't stretch or tangle, threads effortlessly and has UV protection. We recommend cutting FireLine with wire cutters as well as recommend stringing beads onto the FireLine with a Wide-Eye Needle™ as the eye in this needle suits the diameter of FireLine well.

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