Topics: Memory Wire and Swarovski crystal 4mm Bicones

I'll be buying lots of memory wire for Christmas bracelets for co-workers. Will 4mm Swarovski bicones fit on the memory wire? What is the difference between the stainless and carbon steel?
- Linda
To answer your first question--yes! Swarovski® crystal 4mm bicones are a great bead choice for bracelet-size memory wire. A nice way to finish this type of bracelet is with memory wire end beads (created specifically for this type of project) and Devcon Jeweler's 5-minute 2-part epoxy.

For your second question, stainless steel is a generic term for steel that contains more than 10% chromium, which is the element that helps it resist corrosion. Carbon steel has two meanings: one refers to steel that contains mostly carbon, with other alloys making up just a trace portion; the other is a general term that refers to steel that's not stainless. Check out the "Beader's Guide to Jewelry Metals" to learn more.

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