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What's the best type of digital camera for photographing jewelry? Business is picking up and customers from afar want to view online. Thanks for your help.
- Jacalyn
The range of digital cameras on the market today is vast! However you don't necessarily need to invest in an expensive camera right away. The main thing to check is that your new digital camera has the ability to shoot a range of resolutions: 150 dpi for online thumbnails to 600 dpi or higher for larger shots and offers somewhere between 3.2 - 5.0 megapixels.

A digital macro selection is also helpful. The macro setting is important for shooting jewelry because it gives an exceptionally clear, detailed, almost microscopic, view of each bead.

Finally, make sure your camera has an exposure setting. Shooting sparkly jewelry can be a challenge, so being able to experiment with a shot's light exposure can make the difference between a muddy photo and a crisp, bright one. Read the "Pixel Perfect" article for more tips on digital photography for jewelry.


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