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I'd like to make a long necklace using turquoise or howlite beads. Since they are heavy, could you recommend a good wire? How many crimp beads should I use so the wire won't break?
- Elena
Accu-Flex® beading wire 49 strand beading wire is your best bet for stringing larger stones. It's strong, flexible, kink-resistant and easy to crimp. Use the largest gauge wire that the holes in your beads will allow then secure the wire ends to your finding or clasp using 3x2mm crimp tubes.

The key to strong crimped connections is to properly use crimping pliers to secure the crimp beads. Review the ''How To Crimp a Crimp Bead/Crimp Tube'' video how-to and illustrated instructions whether you're just learning how or in need of a little brush up on this technique.

Before shopping for turquoise beads, be sure to review the article ''A Guide to Buying Turquoise.'' And for design inspiration, the ''Gallery of Designs'' is chock full of turquoise jewelry projects.

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