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Help!!! I recently decided to wear a necklace I had made about 3 years ago out of leather and gemstones. I did not use any clasps on the ends and have been tying it to the length I wanted each time I wore it. This time as I tightened the knot the ends broke off in my hand. It was as if the leather had dried out and cracked or maybe it was faulty to begin with. How do I keep this from happening again? I have made several of these necklaces as gifts and haven't heard of this happening to anyone else. What went wrong? Thanks for your help.
- Joy
Tying and retying a leather necklace will eventually lead to the leather breaking down and losing its elasticity. To protect your leather, use a clasp and crimp ends or cord coils instead of tying, and use an extender chain if you want versatility in length.

Another alternative is to use the "adjustable knot" technique. This involves making an overhand knot on both ends of your cord so that they slide, adjusting to your desired length. View the ''Knots Tutorial'' to learn this handy knot technique.

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