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Many of the jade animal pieces I have are undrilled or partially drilled. How do you use them? I am stringing beads for use in windows. So far I have used fishing line. What do you recommend if different on necklaces and bracelets? Thank you.
- Leslie
There are multiple ways that these pieces can be transformed for use in a finished design:
  • There are bails specifically made for gluing into the partially drilled beads. These bails have a peg that fits into the hole and they have a loop already attached to use for stringing the finished piece into your design. There are bails with caps made for gluing onto an item that doesn't have a hole or for items with a half-drilled hole; these bails also have a loop already attached to use for stringing the finished piece into your design.
  • A bead reamer can also be used to make the hole larger or to extend the hole so it can be used as a regular bead.
  • Wire can be used to wrap around the bead or animal piece, allowing it to be used as a bead or pendant.
When stringing beads like this into a finished jewelry design, you can choose to use beading wire--a strong stainless steel cable - finished or attached to a finding using crimps beads. Berkeley® FireLine®--a very strong interknitted thread--can be attached to a finding using knots. Nylon thread--a strong, fine thread--can also be used and attached to a finding using knots.

There are many ways to finish each of these materials for a professional look. Review the crimp cover and bead tip how-to videos to see which one appeals to you.

Depending on the loop size of the bail you choose, or wire-wrapped element you create, there are many larger cording options, including, but not limited to: rubber, leather and cord ends.

Review the Thread, Cord and Wire Information for help on selecting the right cording for your projects. Materials Resources

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