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I have glass teardrops (H20-3778GL) and would like to use a bead cap with them for earrings... what kind/size bead cap can I use?
- Pam


This type of drop is flat, where most bead caps are made to fit a round bead. Choose a bead cap that can be easily re-shaped, like a filigree type and make sure the sides are long enough to go past the hole on the drop. To ensure a good fit, you will need to measure the length from above the point of the drop to the bottom of the stringing hole with a caliper. Then you will be able to determine the size of the bead cap that you will need.

Once you've chosen the bead cap, choose a 24-gauge wire (Zebra Wire™ Colored Copper, Wrapit® Wire, sterling silver or gold-filled wire) that will match or complement the bead cap. Cut a length of wire about 6 inches, then pass it through the holes in the teardrop. Pull the two strands so they meet at the top and thread through the hole in the bead cap. Pull the bead cap down over the top of the point of the teardrop. You may find you have to re-shape the bead cap a little given the shape of the bead. If that is the case, take the bead cap off the teardrop bead, shape it to fit then thread it back onto the wire. Thread on a 4mm round glass bead to finish the top of the bead cap then finish the wire with a briolette wrapped loop, adding in the earwire before finalizing the wraps.

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry-Making Expert

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