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I purchased clip-on earring, silver-plated, 18x8mm perforated hoop. What is the best way to attach beads to this item? I have tried several ways and none are satisfactory. Glue? Thread? wire?

- Sandra
Fine gauge metal wire, 30- to 26-gauge, would be an option for adding beads to this hoop earring. Anchor the wire to the hoop then weave it through the holes, adding beads as you pass the front of the finding. Secure the ends so they stay in place when worm, consider working the design where the two ends meet and can be secured together with a twist which can be tucked into the weave neatly.

Berkeley® FireLine® or Nymo® would also make good stringing materials. Depending on the beads, you may find you can use either of these threads without the need of a needle. Should you find that a needle makes stringing the beads easier, open the clip for easier access to the back side of the hoop. The same principles would apply to the hoop finding in the project below with details on how to string through a perforated disc using thread, seed beads and Swarovski crystals. - Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator
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