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I'd like to make a very small simple wire chain base for a charm bracelet. Can size 30-34 gauge wire work?
- Angie
30- to 34-gauge wire is very thin and is best suited for woven designs such as knitting and crocheting. A charm bracelet made from wire will need a thicker gauge of wire and a sturdy wirework technique--the higher the number, the thinner the wire gauge.

You might consider a 22-, 24- or a 26-gauge half-hard wire in sterling silver, sterling silver-filled or Argentium® silver and work the wire into wrapped loops. As you close off the loops securely with suitable pliers and build your chain, you can be certain that the connections are solid and the charms you add will have support and strength. Work harden the wire further, giving it more strength by tumbling in a rotary tumbler with stainless steel shot.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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