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I am pretty new at beading and I am in love with seed beads. I am trying to do a two-row base for a necklace. I have tried peyote and square stitch. How do I get the tension right? I end up with it wiggly, or spiral, or twisty, anything but flat. Thanks,
- Beverly
Keeping your tension tight, but not too tight takes practice. Using too much tension will make your work stiff and inflexible, not enough tension and your beadwork may have gaps and too much movement. Keep the thread tension consistent and tight while still allowing the weave to lay flat. Wrap part of the tail thread around your index or middle finger and hold the beads tight in your hand while working and don't lay them down. Tighten your thread tension as you needle-stitch to keep beads snug and even. A good rule of thumb is to pull the thread through just enough to where the thread can no longer be seen between the beads.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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